A Sea of Opportunities in the Middle East

The global economy is shape-shifting, with transformation at the top of corporate agendas across virtually all industries. Picking from the seismic shocks to the system such as covid-19, and the longer-term macro trends such as the energy transition, economies are redesigning their blueprint for the future. That future is digital and enterprises across the middle east are pursuing it with zeal.

Such zealous enterprises are driven by a firm commitment at the government level. The government of Abu Dhabi, for example, has announced ambitious plans for the transformation of the emirate’s economy, defined by more digitalisation, more innovation, and a greater focus on knowledge-based industries. At the same time, Saudi Arabia has also invested heavily in five giga-cities as part of its effort to reduce economic reliance on crude oil production. Similarly, Egypt is creating 34 new cities aligned with a digital future.

Recently, the UAE announced the launch of the Dubai Digital Authority to revitalise its economic cycle by facilitating digital transformation in all government entities. In a sort of advantage, the lack of legacy infrastructure may mean large organisations in the region and also companies from other countries who intend to establish their business, enjoy a distinct advantage when it comes to unlocking new digital opportunities, but they cannot do it alone. Business enablers are the need of the hour who can handhold such businesses. Such business service providers can truly fastrack the process for an organization and make them up and running.

BSPs offer an affordable way to acquire applications by means of networks. They tailor software packages to fulfill the requirements of their customers and provide back-office solutions by outsourcing nearly all of their business operations. This includes mail delivery, payroll, finance, building security, administration, bookkeeping, human resources, and so on. Business service providers are otherwise known as application service providers or business process outsourcers.

This edition is brings forth the BSPs who have understood the nitty-gritty of running a business in the middle east region adhering to the complex regulation and compliances.
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