Alfred Management and Business Consultancy DMCC: Empowering Customers to Setup their Dream Companies

Fred Vessali, Founder & CEO,Fereshteh Kafil, Director

Fred Vessali, Founder & CEO

The growth in financial and business services, trade logistics and tourism activity has played an important role in fuelling Middle East region’s emergence as a global hub for business over the last couple of decades, making it an excellent location for any businesses looking to expand or invest. Yet,a successful business demands an interference of first-rate consulting firms that apply several tools and unique methodologies for crafting a strong strategic plan and its successful execution. Helping such corporates to manage their day-to-day business processes efficiently is Alfred Management and Business Consultancy DMCC (Alfred-MBC), a Dubai-based management and business consultancy. Established in 2010, the organization acts as a strategic partner for its clients, while helping them improve their performance and gain increased growth.

Rectifying & Solving Business Challenges
“Our focus is to provide superior services to our clients all over the world from the initial proposal until the finalization of our services,” says Fred Vessali, CEO & Founder, Alfred-MBC. Where many consultancies concentrate only on the customers’ problems and provide encapsulated solutions, what differentiates Alfred-MBC are its handmade business model & unique core values of being transparent & clear to the clients
regarding all activities and services. Every strategy is created post assessing clients’needs, capabilities & goals, apart from researching the competition, demand of the clients’ offerings, analysis of foreign markets and other potential industries to identify new opportunities. Alfred-MBC then recommends the best suitable business location in UAE along with guiding them throughout the process.

"Our focus is to provide superior services to our clients all over the world from the initial proposal until the finalization of our services"

Focused on providing world-class services, Alfred-MBC has successfully achieved ISO 9001:2015 accreditation in 2016. Today the company offers a range of services including Management Consultancies, Sourcing & Procurement Consultancies, Real Estate Consultancies, Marketing Management, Conferences & Seminars Organizing, Marketing Research & Consultancies, Corporate Services Provider, and Immigration Services for Commonwealth of Dominica. Alfred-MBC continuously strives to further strengthen these services and hence has built its reputation as an expert through direct communications with its clients.

Being strategically located enables Alfred-MBC the opportunity to constantly update its various stakeholders and business partners regarding Immigrations, Marketing, Management and Business Consultancy. “Our strategy is to have the ability to react to market needs and gaining a competitive advantage in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Europe and other strategic surrounding regions,” says Fereshteh Kafil, Director, Alfred-MBC.

Currently, the organization is managing the demands for its
Immigration Services and Citizenship Consultancy for one of the most distinguished Caribbean Island, working with a strategic partner, The Honourable Lennox Lawrence,authorized agent of Commonwealth of Dominica, who handles all legal matters. Currently recording a fairly progressive revenue growth, Alfred-MBC envisages enhancing its visibility and be known in the market by stimulating different marketing strategies like better support &results to clients, and creating more revolutionary new-age content products. “All our clients are highly appreciative of our dedication, competence, timely delivery and communication & feedback. We look forward to take this a notch higher,” concludes the duo.

Key Management:
Fred Vessali, CEO & Founder
A bachelor in Mechanical Engineering, Master in Engineering Science and MBA in Operation & Finance, Fariborz has provided multi-million-dollar cost savings, created performance measurement tools, and developed and implemented strategic operational initiatives during his career.

Fereshteh Kafil, Director
With extensive experience in UAE and global markets, Fereshteh's entrepreneurial spirit allowed her to establish businesses over the past years including Trading, Services, Real Estate, Business Management and Consultancy.

Headquarter: Dubai
Offerings: Management Consultancies, Sourcing & Procurement Consultant, Real Estate Consultancies, Conferences and Seminars Organizing, Marketing Management, Marketing Research & Consultancies, Corporate Services Provider, Immigration Services for Commonwealth of Dominica