ALS Borderless Logistics: Global Freight Forwarders with Local Expertise & A Strong Global Network

Afzal Ahmed Sheikh,Executive Director

Afzal Ahmed Sheikh

Executive Director

The father of Greek Didactic Poetry – Hesiod once narrated, “Admire a small ship, but put your freight in a large one; for the larger the load, the greater will be the profit upon profit”. Being said so, freight management is not just a simple undertaking, but the amalgamation of a plethora of aspects entailing national delivery followed by regional delivery to final destination of end user. Throughout this process, obtaining customs clearance plays an instrumental role among majority of the companies in preventing any sort of delay in their shipments along with the whopping costs that would incur. Many a times, these companies do not undergo a smooth and automated clearance process because of lack of insights in customs or inaccurate shipping manifests with misleading information.

Even at the hub of thriving freight transportation – Saudi Arabia, there is an inadequacy in the knack and understanding of customs clearance besides improper documentation and catalogues pertaining to freights among many companies. Handholding these companies is ALS Borderless Logistics, one of the few logistics organizations in Middle East that has the expertise to provide customs clearance in a unique way along with heavy lifts, local handling, transportation and much more services. Right before the landing of customers’ shipments across Saudi, ALS proactively accumulates a copy of their documents to scrutinize the accuracy of freight data, delivers consultation services on the documentation procedure and also demonstrates the flow of their shipments in the country. This explains why ALS is the go-to provider for customs duty services in Saudi Arabia, either for a specific period of time or throughout the span of their projects. Besides conforming to the policy of providing clients with seamless, durable and ‘door to door’ service by collaborating with overseas partners, the firm is striving to attain its vision of becoming a trusted global logistic brand with regional expertise, leading sustainability, innovation and growth.

Building Associations
Afzal Ahmed Sheikh, Executive Director, ALS Borderless Logistics, articulates, “We attribute our success in the sphere of logistics to our strong relationships with freight forwarders of different countries as well as to our finesse in getting clearance procedures done for our customers, which other organizations might be incompetent to deliver”. As trade in logistics pivots mostly on the merchandising of shipments, the company has earned numerous associations with the front-runners in the logistics realm across Saudi, Dubai, Oman and other countries in order to place the delivery and customs clearance of their shipments on the right track with no hindrances.

Due to these associations, ALS is reaping humungous business opportunities, as well as freight orders from behemoths in Europe,
U.S., India and other nations. In the pursuit of collaborating with many more international freight forwarders in the upcoming months, Afzal has lately secured a lot of partnerships across Europe, Germany, Spain and Italy. The firm has also charted-out plans accordingly to build its business networks YoY with the establishment of new offices in Qatar and India in the next few years, besides attaining project related cargo into the Middle East in 2019-20. Moreover, all the international offices of ALS will function with a constant focus on the GCC market.

"Leveraging its presence across six well-equipped offices, ALS is firmly positioned in the market as a one-stop-shop that renders any kind of integrated service in logistics"

Integrated & Customer-Friendly Offerings
Leveraging its presence across six well-equipped offices, ALS is firmly positioned in the market as a one-stop-shop that renders any kind of integrated service in logistics. Be it customs clearance, heavy lifts transportation, land freight, sea freight, warehousing & industrial packaging, bulk liquid logistics or any other service, the firm presents nothing short of the best-in-class services to the customers. The company is widely appreciated for its seamless communication and assistance, wherein all the shipments of customers are monitored on a daily basis through an in-house ERP system while the daily shipment status reports are recorded in an internal reporting system. In fact, ALS promises to curb any damage of goods emerging during the haulage with an insurance of 500,000 Saudi Riyals per truckload. Apart from this, its sales team conducts regular follow-ups at the customers’ sites to ensure smooth operations, while framing optimal solutions for their issues. Giving a new dimension to customer support, the firm lets customers contact them anytime either through phone or email regarding their special requirement or problem, thereby epitomizing as a customer-friendly organization that seeks dynamic relationships.

In terms of easing the tracking process of freights for customers, ALS is sketching the design of a novel application that would let them check their orders seamlessly by just logging into their accounts. Within a span of few months, this application will be unveiled into the market. ALS will also blaze a trail for freight forwarding of perishable goods such as fruits, meat, vegetables, milk and others, which is still a less explored segment in Saudi Arabia. Moreover, the firm is on the verge of investing volumes on acquiring its own fleet of vehicles for its business endeavours.

Progressing Ahead
Right from hiring the most experienced professionals, organizing hands-on training sessions for them till deriving the best works from them, ALS leaves no stone unturned. Since the time of incorporation in 2009, ALS has enlarged its employee base from just three people to almost 46 people currently across its six offices and two warehouses. Besides logistics, the firm has prowess in various other realms and is growing with profits through bulk cross investments. Especially in its forte – logistics, the firm has accomplished wonders in line with the market growth, procuring revenues of approximately 65 million Riyals in Saudi Arabia, Dubai and Oman during the FY 2017-18.
With fine-tuned services, topmost resources, optimum systems and preformed budget set ready in place, ALS is looking forward to link-up with new international freight forwarders, enhance its existing services with newfangled features and direct its focus on the cargo procurement for the upcoming year. Undisputedly, ALS is all geared -up to reach its phenomenal target of acquiring revenue of more than 100 million Riyals for the year 2020.

"ALS promises to curb any damage of goods emerging during the haulage with an insurance of 500,000 Saudi Riyals per truckload"

Key Management:
Afzal Ahmed Sheikh, Executive Director

Having laid the foundation of ALS in 2009, Afzal undertook the entire business in 2012 to craft services with a strain of integration as well as escalate associations with potential, international freight forwarders.

ALS in Spotlight:
  • With offices spread across the Gulf Cooperation Council(GCC) and a strong network partnership throughout the world, ALS is striving to deliver high-quality services to customers

  • ALS’competence is derived from the firm belief that its business objective is not to sell a product or service, but to fulfil the core business expectations of customers

  • Proficiency in heavy lifts, local handling of freights, import customs clearance and transportation
  • To achieve its benchmarking objectives of innovation, growth and sustainability, ALS takes pride in ceaselessly empowering its HR personnel, processes and polices

  • Headquarter: Jeddah

    Offices: Riyadh, Dammam, Yanbu, Dubai & Oman

    Year of Establishment: 2009

    Employees: 46+ in Logistics

  • Customs Clearance
  • Sea Freight, Import & Export – FCL / LCL
  • Air Freight – Import & Export
  • Break Bulk & RORO Shipments
  • Project Logistic Handling – CompleteServices, Clearance & Transportation.
  • Event & Exhibition Logistics
  • Perishable(Food)Logistics
  • Chemicals & Bulk Liquid Logistics
  • Heavy Lifts Transportation – Oversized & Overweight
  • Transportation/Deliveries Services
  • Land Transport – Domestic & GCC

  • The Company’s Group
    Global Union Alliance Co.(GUAC) Group is a renowned group of companies with diversified industrial & commercial interests. Its history began with logistics services in 2009. Later, the Group expanded its operations across diversified sectors, including Oil & Gas, HVAC Services, Trading, Manufacturing, Contracting, IT Solutions & Analytical Lab services with an aim to establish industries and services, generate value for its clients, develop strategic alliances, transfer technologies and create employment opportunities. The Group also holds paramount commitment to quality, safety, social responsibility and environmental preservation.