Black Swan: Handholding Clients Set-up Operations with a complete 360-degree Support

Rupa Jha,CEO & Co-Founder

Rupa Jha

CEO & Co-Founder

The demand for setting up business operations in Middle-Eastern countries is exponentially booming at the moment. Financial stability, rapid lifestyle changes, the growth due to its strategic geographic location, and most importantly the ease of doing business in the various Gulf countries are some of the major contributing factors for such a massive rise in demand. In the year 2020, UAE was awarded as one of the best countries for entrepreneurship and ease of doing business. Its capital Dubai has emerged as a huge attraction in tourism, but now the region has also evolved as one of the best international financial free zones in the world.

Observing the promising trends in the Middle-East market, Rupa Jha and her husband two seasoned professionals backed by immense experience working for various companies founded Black Swan in 2016. The vision was to tap into the prevailing opportunities by helping businesses and entrepreneur's set up, operate and grow in the Middle East.

Moving over to another country and setting up a business from scratch can often turn out to be a daunting task as there are
innumerable regulations and compliances that one is required to abide by. At Black Swan, a complete hand-holding right from the set-up of employees' visas to sorting out Bank accounts, office, or retail space, and all the way up to logo, brochure, and website designing services are offered. “ We facilitate everything to our clients so that they don't have to rely on different vendors. There is no trial and error involved here.” emphasized Rupa Jha, CEO, Black Swan. An Educationist for the last 10 years, Rupa Jha in her long professional journey has worked as an Admissions Head and Head of HR for prominent Management Institutes in India. She also worked as a Business Development Executive and as a Marketing Manager before initiating her own venture Black Swan with her husband. Due to her ability to carve out a niche for herself and inspire other women entrepreneurs in the process, Rupa Jha has also been featured as one of the most Influential Women in the Arab nations by the Women of Arabia platform.

We facilitate everything to our clients so that they don’t have to rely on different vendors. There is no trial and error involved here

From a very humble beginning with just a 200sq feet office back in 2016, the duo has been able to transform Black Swan into an excelling business with a team of 40 dedicated experts. Over the years, the Black Swan group has showcased a successful track record of promoting and establishing companies hailing from a diverse back-ground, from Real Estate players and World-renowned Aluminium Foil manufacturers to successfully launching restaurant chains over here in UAE.

Gazing Towards a Promising Future
The entire Gulf, Middle-East countries enjoy a strategic location in the world map situated right in the crossroads between Europe and South-East Asia. The entire region is a high prospect zone at the moment. The region has recently opened up for trade, and they are implementing more business contusive laws as well. In line with the latest trends, the Black Swan group has already set up its operations in Oman in the previous year. In addition, the Black Swan Group is also eyeing to expand in Bahrain, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, with a well laid out road map for the Saudi expansion already on the cards.