Business Incorporation Zone: Simplifying Company Formation Dynamics via Personalized Support & Overarching Transparency

Anisha Sagar,General Manager

Anisha Sagar, General Manager

Scores of young entrepreneurs and business moguls have chosen their business base in the United Arab Emirates. Be it the strategic location, tax-free economic benefits or simply the government’s commitment to nurture and support businesses, which makes it accessible to major emerging economies, linking shipping routes and facilitating goods transportation between the various regions in Middle East, Asia, Europe and Africa.

Entrepreneurs are constantly eyeing upon UAE's Free Zones for establishing their businesses. One such Region, Fujairah offers unique investment opportunities in the country. The Emirate of Fujairah is the only Arab principality situated on the coast of the Indian Ocean. Fujairah has been actively developing since the last decade, and now attracts foreign investments into the national economy. The Fujairah free trade zone was created in order to ensure the comfortable operation of foreign companies on the territory of the Emirate. Today, the entrepreneurs and investors from all over the world express a desire to open a company in Fujairah.

"The Fujairah free trade zone was created in order to ensure the comfortable operation of foreign companies on the territory of the Emirate"

Opening a Company in the Fujairah's Creative Free Zone – Investment Attractiveness
For private business, to open a company in Fujairah, UAE, means to obtain access to the modern port infrastructure. Because Fujairah provides a direct access to all the international & regional navigable waters. Moreover, an international air harbor of the Fujairah Airport operates in the immediate vicinity of the free trade zone. Fujairah Creative City Free Zone offers key benefits comprising of 100 percent foreign ownership of your business, 100 percent repatriation of capital & profits, no corporate & income Tax, mandatory office lease not required, physical presence in UAE is not required to register the company, and scaling business up to 15 visas.

The free zone offers varied setup options for Media & PR houses, Advertising agencies, Consultancy firms, Trading conglomerates and Education sector service providers. The free zone has an official representative sales office right in the heart of Dubai called Business Incorporation Zone (BIZ). BIZ provides entrepreneurs and SMEs with trade license and legal registration facilities combined with customer support services that are uncompromised.

Under the ace leadership of Anisha Sagar (General Manager), 2011-founded BIZ simplifies company registration procedure in consultancy, media, education, technology, IT & trade sectors, and realizes every entrepreneur’s dreams into reality. Etching transparency and impartial consultancy as its operational order, BIZ offers end-to-end assistance at every step of business incorporation process. In accordance with this, client-centric outlook, the in-house team of professionals addresses every clientele requirement with a customized approach and provides sustainable, business-friendly solutions for continuous growth. “Our relationship with our clients doesn’t just start with licensing and ends with visa processing. For us, these two are just the beginning of a long-standing relationship with our partners,” adds Anisha, who believes in extending the support to a scale where clients can operate and focus on what really matters for their businesses to grow locally and globally.

Transforming Entrepreneurial Reverie into Reality
BIZ’s suite of services spans from company registration process to customer support services. Under this umbrella, the free zone sales office offers end-to-end assistance and hassle-free solutions for trade licensing and visa application procedure. This allows clients to register their license and apply for residency visas right in Dubai, without visiting the Free Zone in Fujairah. With packages starting from AED 13,500 only, the entrepreneurs own 100 percent of their business with neither
withholding tax nor repatriation tax applicable. Investors are allowed to repatriate capital and profits in full without any restrictions. Clients can choose multiple activities from a wide list of activities ranging from trading, professional to commercial services within the same trade license. In addition, clients also have the flexibility to avail 15 visas on a shared desk facility. Some of the other advantages offered by BIZ are issuance of company documents within three days and zero corporate and income tax.

Proactive Support for Long-Standing Relationships
Unlike erstwhile establishment processes are rigid and require physical presence of the entrepreneurs in UAE to complete the setup, with time consuming processes, Fujairah's Creative City Free Zone license holder’s physical presence is not required in the UAE to incorporate their company. All activities are completed online with BIZ offering professional assistance, continuous PRO support not just limited to company formation, but with visa application, medical, and ID registration for both Entrepreneurs and family visas.

"Tapping lucrative opportunities, BIZ envisions creating award-winning, robust infrastructure and serviceable environment for enabling operations in media, consulting, communication, design, technology and trading fields"

Believing in the credo – ‘we evolve with you’, BIZ’s workforce keeps on making the company better to live upto clients’ trust and continue a loyal journey, even after completing license and visa formalities. Anisha avers, “We consider these two main processes as only a beginning of our journey with our clients. As their company grows, we provide our clients with the business support they require to grow and become market leaders”.

BIZ provides an additional value to its clients by connecting them with relationship managers at banks to facilitate opening of corporate bank accounts. Also, clients are invited to participate in periodic workshops and seminars that are organized by BIZ to tackle latest developments and trends in various industries. BIZ also facilitates their clients by providing key account management services that may be required to obtain any third-party approvals. For example, BIZ provided account management services to The Boxtones (a Scottish-Canadian rock band) in order to obtain permit from the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) in Dubai. Today, The Boxtones is a flourishing company and continues to perform enthusiastically as a licensed musical company with its wings spread throughout UAE.

Pathways to Personalized Assistance
When it comes to establishing official roots on a foreign land, it is evident for businesses to encounter a gap between self-knowledge and the country’s inland laws & regulations. Determined to bridge this gap with professional care and standardized support, BIZ follows a transparent work approach pertaining to costs, timelines, and documentary requirements, to simplify the UAE's licensing process for its clients. Consultations with setup advisors and customer service executives are offered free of charge, to give unbiased advice on how to setup and run your company. Additionally, implementation of open-door policy not only helps BIZ cater to client’s personal business needs, but also succours in building healthy relationships in the long run.

At BIZ, personalization and efficient delivery of customer services remarks the company’s dedication and commitment to work. Each client is assigned a dedicated customer service manager and account manager as the single point of contact for all services. In conformity to their assigned duties, these managers regularly update clients on the application status and are always available to answer every clientele query. “Together with our efficient team of PROs constantly striving to complete your applications in a timely fashion, we remove the stress and hassle usually associated with setting-up a new company and obtaining your UAE's residency visa,” elucidates Anisha.

The Tech-Quality Buzz
Integrating technology and quality servicing at par excellence, BIZ extends assistance benefit through its 24/7 chat system that enables clients to contact the experts at any point of time. On the flip side, introduction of phone answering system has given users access to a pool of contact center agents. These agents act as client’s representative to properly
represent their company on phone and receive calls on behalf of the company’s owner. Execution of this client-centered strategy helps in reducing time, energy and money spent during company's operations. For in-house management of operations, BIZ has invested on strategic management platforms such as CRM. It simplifies organization, automation and synchronization of every facet of customer interaction including marketing, sales, customer service and support, hence effective management of client’s classified information.

Where Management Steers Success
Skilled & competent management steers the company’s wheels towards success and Anisha is seamlessly performing the action with solid grit and enthusiasm. She strongly believes in the value and power of entrepreneurship for country’s economic development and ensures execution of value-added methodology for right business growth. While executing sterling managerial responsibilities at BIZ, she works closely with Fujairah Culture & Media Authority to help pioneer business models that disrupt free zone business setup industry. With such ace management on-board, BIZ has successfully helped multiple companies with stellar assistance including Quiceno Art, iheartME, Purple Camel and Innovate Consulting, amongst others.

Provided that government regulations and legal adherences are subject to changes, BIZ orchestrates regular workshops and networking activities to address clientele concerns pertaining to changing policies and regulations. Anisha explains, “We invest heavily on staff trainings to equip our team members with accurate information pertaining to the governing policies of the land; making every client interaction productive and on point on each questions being asked”. Tapping lucrative opportunities, BIZ envisions creating award-winning, robust infrastructure and serviceable environment for enabling operations in media, consulting, communication, design, technology and trading fields, and gain recognition locally, regionally and globally. Employing such excellence, the company has been laurelled with ‘Excellence in Quality’ by ESQR and ‘Quality Award’ at BID International Quality Convention, Geneva, lately.

Key Management:
Anisha Sagar, General Manager
An experienced stalwart, Anisha believes in the value & power of entrepreneurship for country’s economic development and plays a vital role in creating future leaders by making entrepreneurship easily attainable. A valuable asset at BIZ, she spearheads successful operation and management of group companies and their stakeholders.

Al Barsha, Dubai
•Corporate Services
•Visa Processing
•Document Legalization Services
•Concierge Services
•Tax & Accounting

Fujairah's Creative City Free Zone offers key benefits comprising of
•100 percent foreign ownership of your business
•100 percent repatriation of capital & profits
•No Corporate & Income Tax
•Mandatory office lease not required
•Physical presence in UAE is not required to register the company
•Scale your business up to 15 visas

Clients Speak:
“It was exceptionally simple and really easy. We actually had no problem whatsoever. Location was great and the office is clean and well-executed. The PRO guy was brilliant. We didn’t make one visit to Fujairah, and it was all handled for us, which is really great”.

-Gary Tierney, Managing Director, The Boxtones

“For years I have been registered with BIZ. It has always been a real pleasure dealing with them. All aspects relating to the startup license and the renewal processes have always been professionally dealt with and always processed quickly”.

-ShirrynRashidi,QOQO FZE