Business Link: Linking Client's Business Goals With Productive Solutions For Company Formation

Hatem Elsafty,  CEOUAE’s increasing efforts towards enhancing the business environment, making it favorable for companies to establish a presence in this region is attracting a lot of interest from businesses from all over the globe. The strategic location of the region makes it a hub for trade and commerce, while investments in developing an advanced infrastructure makes the place even more appealing. Additionally, the government suggested amendments to existing regulations make it quite simple for foreign businesses to set up shop in this region. A leading business formation consultancy, Business Link, established in 1999 offers complete end to- end consulting services and has successfully served some of the biggest brands in the world. The firm has grown exponentially over the decades, and has recently opened two international offices in Egypt and the UK.

Service Areas and Benefits
Business Link’s vision to help entrepreneurs achieve their dreams led the company to offer expert services in UAE and KSA regions since its inception. Today, the company is playing a pioneering role in the industry throughout the GCC region. Over the decades, BUSINESS LINK has helped more than 20,000 businesses set up their companies. Providing complete end-to-end solutions, the team at BUSINESS LINK follows a comprehensive approach to expertly understand and address the client’s needs. From ideation to launching operations, BUSINESS LINK assists and guides clients all through.

In order to fully comprehend the client’s unique needs and objectives, a preliminary consultation is part of the client engagement process for business formation. The evaluation of legal and regulatory standards that comes afterward includes assistance with compliance documents. The company guarantees that the clients come first, that it pays attention to their demands, and that it will provide them with corporate legal counsel as required to assist them in choosing the best business configuration.

“Our dedicated team of business setup consultants in Dubai, UAE ensures to guide you each step of the way. Given our experience in the field, we have seen all of what goes on in the background, which is
why we are the ideal business consultancy to hire. Our key links with government bodies and relevant authorities are advantages we hold high and make use of to process our clients’ paperwork, licenses, and approvals quickly and efficiently”, shares Hatem Elsafty, CEO.

The business provides an extensive array of business formation services, such as PRO services, business registration, licensing, corporate structure, legal compliance, and virtual office setting. The company advises clients on the best legal structure for their circumstances while ensuring local regulations are followed. The company’s flagship services across the board include support with company formation, business establishment, and getting required licenses and permissions. The amount of experience and personalization that BUSINESS LINK offers, together with the speed and efficiency with which the team executes processes, are some reasons that set its services apart from those of its rivals.

As more companies want to establish a presence in the UAE, Business Link has seen growth in terms of both customer acquisition and regional expansion

Through the expert solutions designed and offered, BUSINESS LINK seeks to address and resolve the multitude of challenges that clients face and fulfills their expectations of reliability and efficiency of service. These and other concerns are put to rest through the team’s indepth knowledge of the local laws, ability to understand the client’s needs and offer customization of solutions, as well as a drive to ensure complete client satisfaction.

Furthermore, the firm has various quality assurance measures set in place to periodically inspect the relevancy of solutions.

“Our team is equipped with knowledge of local laws and regulations, industry specific expertise, and experience working with businesses of different sizes and types. Our combined experience and diversity in legal and marketing backgrounds help Business Link grow by offering tailored solutions to clients, building strong relationships, and providing ongoing support. Our quality assurance measures include compliance audits, periodic reviews of documentation, and ongoing support to ensure clients remain in compliance with local laws and regulations”, further adds Elsafty.

Future Roadmap
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