Canada Visa Point: Taking Immigration Industry into a New World of Innovation & Technology

Bijesh CK, Director & CEO
Bijesh CK, Director & CEO

Often times, we don't realize how close we are to realizing our dreams. For millions of people across the world, immigration to well-developed countries like Canada & Australia happens to be one such most cherished dream that gets shattered at the gates. Every year, thousands of prospective applicants have their Canadian permanent residence (PR) applications rejected, predominantly due to the lack of communication with the immigration agency, and in turn missing deadlines.

But immigrating and even settling in Canada was nearly a walk-in-the-park for thousands of ambitious people like Anu Ajje - a Nurse from a beautiful village in Alleppey, as their immigration consultant, Canada Visa Point (Straight Path Visas Pvt. Ltd.) has already taken immigration services into the freshness, transparency & smoothness of the digital epoch. Anu echoes her sentiments, “They (Canada Visa Point) guided me smoothly and in the best manner when I was looking for permanent residency visa services in Canada. After a year, I recommended them to my friend as well. Even she was assisted very professionally. Canada Visa Point will always be my preference for anyone in need of such a facility”.

The first & only immigration consultant in India to receive FDI from Canada and one of the rare consultants to have a well-established presence in Canada (under the name - Straight Path Visas Corporation), Canada Visa Point facilitates Canadian & Australian Work, Business, Family, Student & Visitors Visa for clients across the globe with an appreciable commitment, utmost professionalism, and by heavily leveraging technology. It also offers a plethora of support services that ensure clients are not only relocated, but also settled in at the destination country without any hassles on the way.

An Impeccable & Matchless Digital Platform
A huge chunk of credit goes to its mission critical platform - a real-time kinematic platform that allows customers to track their application status real-time with complete transparency. The in-house developed online platform, which took more than two years of brainstorming to forge, sends an immediate eMail & SMS to the customer with respect to every event & progression in their application. Moreover, even before the payment, the clients are provided with a password protected dashboard where they can enter & upload all the primary information & documents subject to verification. In addition, the platform also comes with a complaint box that mandatorily answers clients’ queries within 48 hours. Thus, along with the third party communication channels, the need for telephonic conversations is also almost eradicated.

On the other hand, while other agencies dig the long chain of mails to access the history of documents uploaded, Canada Visa Point’s impeccable platform significantly helps its consultants to access the client-documents faster, whenever required. Imagine the level of transparency and accountability it brings into whole process!

Intact Communication Wins the Game
“The communication gap in the immigration process is a cruel fact, as the conventional communication systems fail to accommodate the skyrocketing
volume of applications. In addition
to our matchless platform, our dedicated 24x7 customer support team ensures that, be it the middle of the night or early in the morning, no call/email from the customer is left unanswered,” asserts Bijesh CK, Director & CEO, Straight Path Visas. Indeed, if the call is not answered by any of the company’s employees in a stipulated time period, it will be automatically re-routed to Bijesh. Wonder how many leaders are ready to answer their client’s queries regardless of time!

"Canada Visa Point’s impeccable platform significantly helps its consultants to access the client-documents faster, whenever required"

“As an international service provider, we handle more than 20 different languages, so that we are able to respond to clients’ queries and explain the procedures & processes in their own language. Additionally, with our membership in Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC), our consultants boast of extra prowess in documentation & regulatory knowledge,” divulges Touba Alam, Director, Straight Path Visas Corporation, who is all set to receive her Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) license. Needless to say, RCIC license will bring a whole world of regulatory insights & benefits to the company and in turn to its clients.

Machine Learning Algorithms to Serve Clients Better
Once a customer is on-board, Canada Visa Point even commits to go the last mile to ensure a successful migration process, providing comprehensive support services. In the process, the company guides each and every one of its clients through the best immigration possibilities with detailed information. While other agencies are never up for spending time, money & efforts on ‘open and shut case clients rather than focusing on surety, Canada Visa Point strives to raise its clients’ capabilities and gives them a chance to put forth a strong case for themselves, their family, studies, and businesses.

Besides providing clients with motivational & personality development sessions, Canada Visa Point pioneers and believes in advanced knowledge engineering algorithms that delve deep into the recorded client-conversations & recognize keywords to quickly understand their exact problems and provide tailored solutions. Strengthened by one-on-one discussions, it comprehensively understands the issues faced by clients, which outstandingly aids in moving the hurdles out of the way. Over the years, a remarkable number of clients have benefited from this combined approach of knowledge engineering algorithms.

Versatile Immigration Programs
Canada Visa Point is also widely known for its special visa services and value additions. For instance, though it’s not a recruitment agency, the company offers Job Assistance services (completely free of cost) by forming a bridge between candidates and several companies abroad (predominantly in Canada); thanks to its expansive corporate connections. This special segment also includes premium ‘company-investigation’ service – a highly demanded service that acts as a boon for professionals to track down the genuine job offers amidst a sea of fake offerings.

In truth, it has always been amazing the way Canada Visa Point caters to the burgeoning demands & needs of its clients. Since the entrepreneur breeds are now increasingly looking forward to start their own business in countries like Canada and Australia, the company provides them with premium market research & business landscape investigation services,in addition
to investor visa. This insightful service not only saves clients from burning their money, but even guides them to the right market at the right time. Guided by the same vision,it has adopted an unbiased (towards institutions) approach towards facilitating education visas, helping thousands of students to make it into the community colleges, which is crucial in achieving PR status post education.

“We have even helped refugees to get inducted in refugee migration programs, which many other consultancies refrain themselves from doing due to the maze of regulatory compliance. Our engine is fueled by passion and the money is just secondary. We believe that if we provide committed services with a genuine intention to help people, they will become our marketers,” adds Bijesh.

Even post a successful immigration, Canada Visa Point’s commitment only gets bigger. The company has joined hands with several specialized governmental organizations & NGOs that help immigrants & refugees settle in Canada by providing them with end-to-end guidance& assistance, starting right from Airport-pickup to finding a house, opening bank account, and acquainting clients with healthcare services & public transportation facilities.“We ensure that our clients are relieved from the anxiety & fear of moving into a new country and starting a fresh journey,” adjoins Touba.

The Success Path Leading to the Future
Having originally commenced its journey in 2015 as 'Client Informer Online Services Pvt. Ltd.,'the company owing to its high quality services received FDI from a Canadian company within a year from inception, and in turn transformed into their (investor’s)Indian subsidiary - Straight Path Visas Pvt. Ltd (with the domain name Canada Visa Point). Simultaneously, in Canada, the Canadian management established Straight Path Visas Corporation, and there has been no turning back ever since then.

"We have even helped refugees to get inducted in refugee migration programs, which many other consultancies refrain themselves from doing due to the maze of regulatory compliance"

Today, boasting of a whopping 10,000 percent growth from its inception, Canada Visa Point has established multiple offices across India & Canada, being home to almost100 employees, who are exposed into a robust training infrastructure and in-house examination before getting to serve our valued clients. The company is looking forward to expand its presence PAN India, starting from Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, and Chennai in the next six months. “The entire Immigration industry is growing exponentially, as people continue to pursue their dreams & aspirations. We want to be a part of this global process by increasing our presence worldwide – at least by 80-100 percent in the next five years,”Touba concludes.

Key Management:
Bijesh CK, Director & CEO
Bijesh is a passionate professional based out of Thrissur, Kerala, who possesses enterprise services experience of more than 15 years.

Touba Alam, Director(Canada)
Touba has lived in Canada for more than 30 years and pursued her masters degree in Leadership of Innovation and Change from York St John University, UK. Having been engaged with several e-governance projects across the world, she brings in matchless global experience.

Offices: Thrissur (Headquarter), Bangalore, Hyderabad & Canada.

Offerings: Canadian & Australian PR, Work, Business, Family, Student & Visitors Visa