Concept Legal International: Winging Indians to Every Corner of the World, Legally & Cost-Effectively

Raghvendra P Singh, CEO
Raghvendra P Singh, CEO
Unintended effects arise when would-be citizens are required to clear higher hurdles as part of the naturalization process. Especially, in recent years, these effects are propelling with higher fees and standards, lengthy in-country waiting periods, and widespread adoption of citizenship tests. The tests demand such comprehensive knowledge of the host country that even highly qualified natives fail to qualify them.

Improving the integration of society’s newest members, Concept Legal International backed by highly-qualified & trained team expedites would-be citizens in succeeding the citizenship test. Going the extra mile, this complete legal service firm equipped with peerless legal advisors & immigration attorneys, also succours clients aspiring to setup business in the foreign country in judiciary for citizenship, and supports them in accomplishing their objective with fewer hurdles. “If one faces deportation, we provide him/her an experienced and unrivalled lawyer who is very informed about all the new development in immigration law,” says Raghvendra P Singh, CEO, Concept Legal International who is a fellow member
of The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators as well. As a cherry on top, the company even assists clients in getting immediate access to citizenship, in case of emergency.

"We provide online services to our valuable clients so that neither the time difference nor distance becomes a huddle in immigration proceedings"

Customer-Based Migration Plan
Concept Legal understands client’s end goal (whether he/she wants to do a business/job or study) before rendering an opinion and then strategize migration plan accordingly. In fact, its immigration consultants even facilitate the clients in choosing the country that will suit their requirements. Post this, Concept Legal deploys its best evaluation experts to analyze client’s report thoroughly and produces an authentic profile that’s error-free, and complies to particular immigration rules, thereby generating an all-encompassing report that increases the chances of approval multifold.

Incepted in 2012, Concept Legal also offers other legal services like divorces, property, patents, and several more, for individuals, organizations, companies, firms, associations, legal entities and government bodies in India.

Leveraging the Global Presence
Raghvendra further adds, “We provide online services to our valuable clients so that neither the time difference nor distance
becomes a huddle in immigration proceedings”. Be it permanent resident visa via express entry or FRRO registration or extension of Visa, Concept Legal offers all immigration consultancy services online at an economical rate to its valuable clients across the globe. Thanks to its associates in almost every country & offices in Delhi, London & Dubai coupled with partner offices in Australia & New Zealand. Concept Legal offers simple & detailed immigration guidance regarding all the rules & regulations for applying visa for immigration to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark and other European countries.

Following the same nonpareil strategy, the company has offered service to thousands of applicants over the last decade. In fact, it has rostered the highest number of applications from India for New Zealand immigration, wherein Permanent Residency Visa within three months after the documentation is acquired with up to three years to immigrate. “If client’s profession in India is listed on the Long Term Skill Shortage (LTSS) list and is fitting the prerequisites of the government of New Zealand for Immigration, he/she can attain a permanent residency within three months,” explains Raghvendra. This service has established Concept Legal as the best New Zealand immigration processing service in NCR region. With such roster of services, the company is exponential budding with its current revenue turnover being around Rs.2 crore, and is steering yet another growth curve.