Digital Qube: Shaping the Future of Digital Marketing in Abu Dhabi, Dubai & the GCC

 Rosie Seldon,  CEOThe United Arab Emirates is experiencing rapid economic growth in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, with heavy investments being made by the country’s industry leaders in areas such as infrastructure, small business development, the digital economy, and community building.

The region offers a low-tax environment, making it an attractive location for businesses to set up. Many companies want to establish themselves in this region, but given the fierce competition, it becomes imperative for companies to establish strong and influential digital brands. This is where Digital Qube, a digital marketing and trans-formation company emerges.

With over a decade of experience working in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, Digital Qube understands the business environment and the distinct way of working that sets the region apart. Based in the United Arab Emirates, the company helps organizations navigate through the complexities of the digital realm. Hence, if a company wants to establish its business in Abu Dhabi or Dubai, then Digital Qube can successfully support it with its digital launch.

Rosie states, “I arrived in the United Arab Emirates in 2014 when the leaders in the country had just stated its aim to become a major player in the digital world. Drawing from my experience with top British brands, the objective was clear: to leverage my London expertise to assist local companies with websites, content creation, apps, and launch strategies”.

She adds, “Marketing is a vast field with many different components. The concept behind our company name, ‘Digital Qube’, was to merge ‘Digital’ (the area we specialize in) with a ‘Qube’ whose six sides represent the core marketing services. Marketing like a Rubix ‘Qube’ encompasses many elements, such as strategic marketing, website planning, paid advertising, email, search engines, social media, content creation, and branding. ‘Digital Qube brings together all of
these marketing elements, solving the complex digital puzzle to create the building blocks for companies to enhance their brands online”.

Holistic Strategy, Branding Excellence

The diverse range of services delivered by Digital Qube is remarkable. Over the years, the company has been instrumental in launching several innovative major projects, including new entertainment venues, high-profile sporting events, and unique hotel concepts, such as Inside Burj Al Arab, Grand Prix racing, and much more, supporting major brands and organizations in the UAE. The company also places great emphasis on branding & design, and it has recently run digital training for the group (training them on how to optimize their brand advertising) that distributes the world’s top brands like Rolex into the UAE.

The company’s team of talented digital & marketing consultants helps major companies in the region, build & manage their digital brands & platforms

Additionally, Digital Qube’s design team has been involved in developing identities for new companies entering the region whilst, enhancing the brand identities of the most established institutions like the British School Al Khubairat. Its core team comprises members from numerous nationalities bringing together their wealth of experience from all corners of the globe. Together they possess a deep combined knowledge of IT systems, creative design, digital advertising, and content creation, making them a formidable source of knowledge for client companies. Digital Qube is therefore helping its clients establish a strong visual identity in a crowded marketplace.

“We have ‘on-the-ground team members’ from many backgrounds (Australia, South Africa, America, England, Philippines, Pakistan, Syria & more), committed to producing high-quality work in the UAE. Whilst, working in the UAE, we have been asked to run digital training in Europe for Google, and delivered projects for over 100+ brands, covering three continents”, further elaborates Rosie. Before arriving in the UAE, Rosie ran large-scale digital transformation and website design projects in London for HSBC and Lloyds, and she leveraged this experience in the region.

Making a Contribution to Digital Comprehension

In addition to providing marketing services, Digital Qube has been a critical contributor to bridging digital skill gaps in the region. The organization provides comprehensive training programs on social media, content writing,SEO, and more; and further enables participants to learn and effectively build skills across emerging technologies like animation. Additionally, its strategic workshops help clients build a cohesive strategy.

Future Growth & Roadmap

Digital Qube has emerged as an influential player in the digital marketing industry, driven by innovation, perseverance, and a commitment to empowering individuals and brands to navigate the constantly evolving digital landscape. Given the rising demand for digital marketing expertise in the region, Digital Qube plans to keep growing & expanding its services and including its talent management offerings.