District Real Estate: Simplifying Property Management with Professional, Transparent & Customer Centric Services

Alan Kaye ,    Director - Business Development

Alan Kaye
Director-Business Development

With the majority of property investors now viewing their assets in the Middle East as long-term wealth, many owners are choosing to utilize property managers to ensure the day-to-day management of their investments. Due to this, the Middle East property management industry has witnessed tremendous growth (the Middle East is one of the major contributors to the global property management market that is expected to reach $22.04 billion by 2023). However, gaps in professionalism and customer services are still major concerns to look at. To deal with this void, District Real Estate – a property management service provider – surges ahead with its expertise in property management along with exceptional customer services. Headquartered in Abu Dhabi, the firm renders all round real estate solutions that include sales, leasing, listing of property, investment advice and more, to its clients.

District Real Estate has extensive experience in various fields, including real estate, investment
banking and government consultancy. This helps them to provide best services to the clients with an assurance that their assets are being well served by a team of experienced professionals. “We have the knowledge, experience and a sophisticated understanding of the Middle East market to assist our clients in marketing their property to gain the maximum exposure needed to attain the highest potential value,” claims Alan Kaye, Director– Business Development, District Real Estate.

"Our customer service is known for the efficiency of dealing with any issues, ensuring that problems are dealt within the shortest possible time frame and to the highest standard"

Exceptional Customer Service
Property management groups often serve as the middlemen between landlords and tenants. Hence, customer service plays a vital role in the whole process. With 24/7 available staff to handle tenant’s needs and answer all their queries after adding clients to a dedicated CRM system, District has set a standard in the industry. With its regular number, toll-free number, email and social media handle, the firm has given privilege to its customers to make contact with them for support anytime, even during weekends.

“We pride ourselves in delivering exceptional customer service by assisting our clients in every step of their real estate journey. Our customer service is known for the efficiency of dealing with any issues, ensuring that problems are dealt within the shortest possible
time frame and to the highest standard,” says Alan. With such a strong customer service team, the firm has successfully managed to assist over 41,000 requests in the past year.

Headstrong Services
District believes in transparency. Instead of taking the project and not delivering it, the firm follows its motto ‘We say what we do and we do what we say’, and does careful analysis before undertaking any project. Once it takes the responsibility, however big or small the client, the firm goes the extra mile to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

District’s other office in Dubai is specialized in acquiring properties for overseas clients and managing them for the owners so that they simply receive the rent. District also shares regular reports on their particular property and the market in general. It also offers ‘off plan property purchase’ with a down payment of as low as five percent with a 10 years post payment plan provided by the developer. Likewise, it also suggests best possible price to the clients who want to sell their property.

Such extraordinary services have earned this 2014-founded company numerous awards like ‘Best Real Estate company Abu Dhabi, ‘Award winner Letting Agency Abu Dhabi’, and ‘Real Estate Marketing Abu Dhabi’ all from Arabian Property Awards, to name a few. With such dedicated services, District is all set to grow profoundly in the coming days.