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Syed Nizam, Director
Syed Nizam, Director

India has the largest diaspora population spread across the world, with its totality catapulting a whopping 15.6 million. However, the foremost propellers impelling success of this exodus are immigration consultants who abet their clients throughout the tedious process. Owing to timeless hours spent at immigration offices and cumbersome procedures that follow endless wait, immigrants sail a sea of troubles to get to the other side. Thus, the challenge of choosing the right consultant arises, especially when mounting cases of scandalous immigration agents come into the picture.

But disregarding loopholes in the system and emerging as an aficionado, Eminence Immigration Consultants (EIC), incepted in 2014, tenders its expertise with a provision of all immigration-related needs under one roof. Extending a complete documentation assistance in almost all visa categories (travel, permanent resident, work, study and business visa), EIC initiates free counseling and detailed profile analysis to all visa aspirants, and also advises them on suitable countries based on their skills, talents and aspirations.

Thriving as a young immigration consultancy scoring a success ratio of 98 percent under the leadership of Syed Nizam
(Director),the Hyderabad-based EIC has achieved matchless feat owing to its transparency and precise assessment evaluation systems. Unlike its market peers, the company ensures that every client gains a clear understanding on the process before initiation, succeeded by assessment evaluations, after which 100 percent assistance is provided on filing the visa-application. Regarded as one of India’s top immigration consultants, EIC strides ahead of competitors, who solely focus on the visa process, by facilitating career opportunities with a detailed description of the country’s culture, lifestyle and settlement options (post-landing services) as well.

"EIC encourages its clients to conduct a personal research on suitable options and agencies that claim to provide such services, ensuring that the applicants sign-up to its services at will"

Authenticity & Confidentiality Accompany Hassle-free Services
EIC encourages its clients to conduct a personal research on suitable options and agencies that claim to provide such services, ensuring that the applicants sign-up to its services at will. Confidentiality is moreover prioritized and a highly competent process/research team retains valid documents from clients, ascertaining that every client qualifies according to the rules and regulations of the destined country. EIC maintains constant contacts with its clients, not just to keep them updated but also assures a thorough assistance during the process.

Understanding the hassles of immigration, the company takes complete responsibility of every
procedure, which enables the client to focus on other aspects while the immigration process will be well taken care of. Bagging a 100 percent filing ratio to its record, EIC ascertains the authenticity of every document before proceeding with filing the visa application, where in case of visa rejection, the client receives a 100 percent processing-fee refund from the company. Subsequently, positive assessment reports of clients are eventually obtained and a go-ahead sign from the process team furthers progress in the procedure.

Future Prospects
With its meticulous pre and post sign-up services, EIC occupies an unrivalled position among its peers, which enables the company to expand its services beyond PR visas, and foray into offering investment visas for European countries and student visas for all major countries in the world. This expansion also calls for launching its most noteworthy services in other major metro-cities of the country within the next two years, additionally branching in Dubai, London and Singapore in the near future.

Key Management:
Syed Nizam, Director
A B.Com and MBA - Finance & Financial Management Services graduate from the Osmania University, Syed leads EIC from the front and has played a critical role in growing the company to the stature that it has achieved today.

Office: Hyderabad
End-to-End immigration consulting services to Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Denmark, Hong Kong, and U.S.