GATEWAY Group of Companies: Creating Doorways for Businesses into Abu Dhabi

Jenny Hunt,Founding, Partner & CEO

Jenny Hunt, Founding Partner & CEO

Abu Dhabi, traditionally known for its hydrocarbon wealth, has actively been working towards expanding its economy beyond the energy sector. The wealthiest Emirate with the highest GDP, Abu Dhabi has thus become a lucrative option for multinational companies looking at business expansion along with being a haven for setting-up new businesses. The growing and highly dynamic nature of the economy results in ever-evolving regulations, processes and requirements. To encourage more foreign companies into Abu Dhabi, the government is implementing a three-year plan to attract FDI into the Emirate, which involves removing local government fees for businesses setting-up and an expected relax in foreign ownership restrictions.

Setting-up a business can be complex. Finding solutions to these challenges is GATEWAY Group of Companies, an Abu Dhabi-based company formation specialist. Established in 2014, the firm has been working towards attracting FDI into Abu Dhabi by enabling companies to setup securely, quickly and efficiently. “We help our clients to setup correctly and succeed by focussing on their compliance so they can focus on their business development,”
explains Jenny Hunt, Founding Partner & CEO, GATEWAY Group of Companies. Operating as a reliable gateway for businesses to enter the UAE market, the firm renders professional, corporate sponsorship services for onshore businesses in the UAE.

"We help our clients to setup correctly and succeed by focussing on their compliance so they can focus on their business development"

Honesty: Primary Business Tenet
Often, companies are setup incorrectly because they have been ‘mis-sold’ a company setup by a sales representative with targets to reach. There is also ambiguity surrounding documentation & processes required while the quality, cost and timelines of services vary hugely. Functioning by being ‘reassuringly honest’, GATEWAY remedies these challenges by upholding quality and transparency of its services.

The firm shares an ‘Abu Dhabi Visa Guide’ with clients, which outlines the process, the timelines for each stage, documents requirements along with the fees it will incur. When setting-up a new company, in order to meet the client’s deadline, GATEWAY creates a bespoke document which outlines each step of the process, details when an action is required by the client and the date for every action. The GATEWAY team also blogs regularly about setting-up and doing business in Abu Dhabi.

A-Z of Company Setup
Having mastered communication and speed of delivery, GATEWAY’s primary service is company formation. The company guides clients towards the most
appropriate options for market entry by first understanding the nature of a client’s business, their objective of setting up business in Abu Dhabi and their long term goals. When a client is ready to begin the process, GATEWAY’s team of experts manages the company setup from A-Z within a matter of weeks.

The firm also provides a corporate nominee sponsorship service, which is ideal for foreign companies with a particular interest in corporate governance, security and control of their business. Working closely with sponsored clients, GATEWAY manages any labour blocks to ensure business continuity.

The firm is also known for assisting clients with on-going compliance requirements, which includes visa related services. “It is essential that both GATEWAY and our clients stay compliant at all times, so our team constantly checks for changes and updates within government departments and subsequently communicates these accordingly,” explains Jenny.

Towards New Avenues
Growing at a gradual yet steady pace since its inception, GATEWAY has expanded by launching a specialist Food & Beverage division which helps companies set up anything from a food distribution company to a restaurant. The firm has also incorporated psychometric profiling into its roster of services, through which the company’s behavioral analyst profiles candidates and existing teams to ensure the team dynamics are working to a maximum and employees are motivated, thus helping companies to do business successfully.