GCC Solutions: Strategizing Company Formation & Business Expansion Services in Compliance with Middle East Laws

Leon Smith,Managing Director

Leon Smith, Managing Director

In the past decade, Middle East region has earned well-deserved attention from established companies and startups for company formation and expansion operations. Currently, a dynamic & developing hub for investments, the Middle East region is ideal for savvy businessmen to explore and avail lucrative opportunities. Although shaping company formation plans creates a vision of phenomenal success, the reality tells a completely different story. Right from devising company formation strategies to adhering to legal compliances, every undertaking becomes a daunting task if not performed with due assistance.

Citing this dire need for end-to-end corporate business solutions, Leon Smith (Managing Director) established GCC Solutions in 2015 to act as single point of contact for providing turnkey corporate services, primarily in UAE (Dubai & Abu Dhabi), Saudi Arabia, and Qatar. Deploying commitment, cooperation, and competence as par excellence, this Dubai-based company handholds organizations
throughout the process by planning bespoke corporate strategies and solutions for informed company formation. Owing to extensive industry knowledge and deep insights, GCC is carving a niche in all the prime industries with its systematic operational framework and effective professionalism. Hence, being a reliable partner for business proliferation.

"GCC outvies the competitive ambit by providing legal documents that not just backs-up bona fide relationship with clients, but also exemplifies its trust worthy approach"

Reliable Support across All Boundaries
Well acquainted with the legal regulations & business policies of UAE and Gulf countries, GCC offers a suite of services spanning from legal structuring, company incorporation to corporate nominee sponsorship. Its expertise in contriving strategic solutions enables clients to seamlessly carry forward their company formation plans in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman & Bahrain. Leon avers, “What make us different in the country are the services we provide. We act as the single point of contact for our clients for business operations in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, Kuwait & Oman, and act as their nominee shareholder as well”. Topping that is GCC’s nominee sponsorship services that provide prime protection for investments, irrespective of the region. The company outvies the competitive ambit by providing legal documents that not just backs-up bonafide
relationship with clients, but also exemplifies its trustworthy approach.

Discerning the fact that company formation involves usage of business data, GCC follows stringent measures to securely store client’s data in line with the country's laws. To mitigate client’s quandaries pertaining to evaluating various legal entities/structures, the company renders upright assistance by understanding legal regulations in terms of market entry and offers tailor-made solutions as per client’s requisites. Besides, GCC gathers required company documents from specific corporate shareholders, holding document from one of the countries and fulfills each requirement by recognizing their intelligence needs.

Progressive & Profitable Prospects
Along with catering to a prestigious clientele portfolio, GCC offers end-to-end guidance to multiple consortiums, who are well-established in the Gulf region, and helps them in business expansion and office setups in Saudi Arabia. “One of our geographies/jurisdictions that attract attention right now is Saudi Arabia and we are working with a lot of clients to facilitate their market entry in the region,” explicates Leon. With plans in pipeline for growing business in the Gulf market, GCC envisions expanding its partnership with stakeholders in each market, while simultaneously carving strategic blueprints for the company’s revenue growth and success.