GHS Logistics: Connecting Small Businesses with Bigger Opportunities

Ghazwan M.D. Sunji,Co-Founder & COO

Ghazwan M.D. Sunji

Co-Founder & COO

The supply chain industry start taking a new form combined with extensive technology and that is majorly influenced by the eCommerce industry, where eCommerce still booming at a rate faster than expected. One of the major challenges experienced in the supply chain and logistics industry is building a bridges and connections for traders’ products to reach end-user at finger clicks.

Gulf Highway Shipping Logistics (GHSL), established in 2012, is bridge builder in supply chain to a business-to-business, business-to-consumer, and direct-to-consumer business. GHSL is offering Logistic support to commerce and eCommerce connecting and complete the supply chain form, starting from factories, producers, and manufacturing to consumers who lives in different countries through Dubai, UAE as logistics hub between east and west.

It is set up with a vision to support small, medium and enterprises in their product distribution, events and event management, orders, gift wrapping and fulfilling small bulky orders, combining kiting orders and items for their projects in marketing, distributing gifts or flyers to their frequent customers. This concept has become larger since then and converted the order management along with the online sales to an eCommerce business with fulfilling orders.

Offering a vast range of Services
GHSL is known for its variety solution oriented assorted by a wide range of storage for different types of commodities. These services are for small business SMEs which
are mainly for short-term storage to fulfill their orders, and their sales and support their business with the solutions that fit the size of companies and their budget. These solutions have helped numerous startup companies in fetching strong access and improving their sales nationally and internationally.

“We are the first Fulfilment Centre in the Mena region which stands along to execute eCommerce business to customers who sell products on their website, Instagram, and other platforms excluding drop shipping services. The variety of commodities that we handle daily along with our complete supply chain solutions; making GHSL one of the most advanced Fulfilment Centre’s in the region.

Leveraging Technology
GHSL using advanced methodologies and agile in a shipping platform linked together by high tech developed by American and Brazilians in a way that you will be able to track every single piece at a time goods leave the factory or manufacturer until it reaches the consumer along with complete supporting documents, proof, approvals and even photo’s related to that particular shipment, keeping us more unique from others in market in transparency, also GHSL provides its customers live access to track their shipment every minute of everyday.

Our increasing customers and their demand continue to evolve daily driving GHSL to implement advanced technology beyond the market expectation

Customers can integrate 92 percent of the Platforms available now in the world using a direct connection of our prepared integration systems or via EDI and API. Ghazwan M.D. Sunji, Co-Founder & COO says, “We currently upgraded our in-house tracking system via GPS for container and continually evolving to implement into the parcel itself in an economical way that is visible to every customer”. GHSL is always in the foreground to track market development and upgrade its technology as necessary. Our increasing customers and their demand continue to evolve daily driving GHSL to implement advanced technology beyond the market expectation.

GHSL had proven track and records working with market ecommerce giants like Amazon and Noon to support sellers supply chain from around world to UAE Hub to consumers, light or large-size products showing a significant registered growth since 2016 in terms of sales revenue, jobs opportunities, employees, traders, new concepts and entrepreneurs. GHSL has expanded in UAE and representative covering KSA, Europe market along with existing plans to spread its wings across in more cities in KSA by end of 2022 and new setup in Egypt by mid of 2023, as well as in India, Pakistan, Germany and Ireland.