HDR Architectural And Consulting Engineers: Enriching Lives with Highly Functional & Futuristic Architecture Designs

Hyder H Yaser,  Managing Director

Hyder H Yaser

Managing Director

The last decade or so has witnessed Dubai transform itself into a country of modern architecture wonders. Be it the majestic Burj Khalifa or the breathtaking Palm Islands, these modern day engineering marvels are symbolic of the country’s futuristic innovation in terms of architecture design as well as the rapid infrastructure development that it has witnessed in recent years. This has prompted many multinational companies to open shop in Dubai lately – each having specific design requirements for their office buildings. As a result, the architecture engineering and design industry is witnessing an upward hockey stick growth curve lately, resulting in the emergence of a large number of design consulting firms across the nation.

Among this heavily cluttered market, one company that had stood as the flag bearer of the country’s architectural prowess is HDR Architectural and Consulting Engineers. Starting his professional career in 2002, Hyder H. Yaser, set up HDR, a full service architecture consulting company that strives to improve the life of people in a luxurious, yet sustainable manner by leveraging its vast domain expertise and clear understanding of its clients’ requirements. Firmly believing in the ideology that simplicity is the secret recipe to good design and quality execution, HDR today has created for itself in the market for building highly functional building as per the customers’ preference at affordable rates.

Diverse Service Portfolio

As an end-to-end architectural engineering and design company, HDR offers a wide services that include architecture design, engineering supervision, urban planning & design, 3D design & drafting, feasibility report,and authority submission & approval, to name a few. Architecture design being its flagship offers, the company’s building designs are a mix of modern, contemporary and heritage architecture. Some of its areas of specialization include residential buildings, schools, hospitals, mosques, luxury villas and many others. Additionally, HDR ensures to provide all these services by deploying sustainable practices and adhering to all necessary guidelines & regulations in the region.

“Currently handling around 25 projects in Dubai, we have earned the reputation of being among the most futuristic architectural engineering & design consultants in the region. We believe in the visual impact that
sustainable construction practices and ecofriendly materials have on the building, along with focus on productivity, greater creativity and innovation. Our design and construction practices are different in each project- be it for huge public buildings or residential buildings. As an icing on the cake, we also offer our clients the flexibility to choose the items of their choice to be used in the design & construction process such as finishing material, lighting units and many others”, explains Hyder.

Standing a Class Apart

Keeping client satisfaction as paramount, HDR has an elaborate customer engagement process in place, wherein it first discusses the project specifications with the client, understands their requirements & expectations, and accordingly formulates a design strategy. Additionally, the company leaves no stone unturned in terms of maintaining service quality, wherein it utilizes all modern day software such as AutoCAD and Revit in its design process to ensure that the design sections and elevations are precisely as per the client’s requirements. However, what sets the firm a notch higher than the rest of the companies in the region is the vast industry expertise that HDR’s team possesses, their perseverance to give the best to the job at hand, and most importantly, their ability to balance between adhering to all government regulations and catering to client demands.

HDR utilizes all modern day software such as AutoCAD & Revit in its design process to ensure that the design sections & elevations are precisely as per the client’s requirements

“While I have over 22 years of experience in the architecture design and construction sectors, our Chief Architect, Senior Architect and the Project Director have a collective experience of close to 60 years in the industry. We collaborate with our customers at every level of the design process to ensure that the project serves all of their end goals. Additionally, we also have a large network of architecture consultants who keep customer satisfaction as paramount and are always ready to go the extra mile to exceed our customers' expectations. This has enabled us to have a clear understanding of the clients’ requirements and fulfill them all in the most optimized manner”, Hyder further adds.

Climate-centric Building Designs

As a socially responsible organization, HDR also prioritizes addressing the environmental issues and deploys sustainable practices across all its functions. The company ensures that each of its building designs are energy-efficient and in compliant with all the green building regulations put-forth by the government. Additionally, keeping in mind the extreme climatic conditions of Dubai, the firm makes sure that every building that it designs are thermally insulated in order to resist the high temperatures outside.

“Having been operation in Dubai for over a year now, HDR is now in the expansion phase wherein we are opening new offices are recruiting architects and engineers with the vision to have a full-fledged design team here. Going forward, we will continue focusing on our design quality and further broaden our service portfolio, ensuring client satisfaction to the fullest”, concludes Hyder.