Highworth Cyprus: Adopting a Client-Focused Strategy to Offer High Caliber Services

Rovertos Hanadjias,Managing Director

Rovertos Hanadjias, Managing Director

Without digital marketing & avantgarde economists, merchants & traders in ancient times used to run their business impeccably by practicing overwhelming customer relationships. Alas! Today, most of the businesses focus on products rather than customers that put them at risk of losing touch with the market, missing new trends, and being replaced by more responsive competitors. Challenging the industrialized model of doing business with its client-focused approach, Highworth Cyprus, which crafts a caring environment of making business happen and value its clients as partners.

A unique boutique company specializing in providing high caliber services to private & corporate clients based on a client-focused strategy, Highworth after understanding the client’s needs provides tailor-made & 360-degree business solutions build on a case-by-case approach. Instead of being a mere service provider, the company seeks to become the one-stop-solution source for its
clients and their various projects by
designing the range & depth of services required,developing the right relationship and environment to handle business deployed. “Depending on the project, we may identify and recommend our clients their service needs and we shall seek to ensure that they get the best service & quality. We treat all our customers at the same level, and always aim to give superior service, professionalism, integrity, and time efficiency irrespective of the size of their business, at all times,” says Rovertos Hanadjias, Managing Director, Highworth Cyprus.

"We treat all our customers at the same level, and always aim to give superior service, professionalism, integrity, and time efficiency irrespective of the size of their business, at all times"

Having in-house experts who have an in-depth understanding of offering superior service via day‐to‐day & person-by-person affairs, Highworth accommodates all its clients’ needs with one single contact and enables them to achieve efficiency, superior quality, and hence success. Moreover, it assigns a team of experts who can handle all organizational affairs that include the incorporation of companies, day-to-day business affairs, accounting, legal & tax assistance and whatnot. To bout the challenges of the international business landscape, Highworth also has a dedicated team of external associates like lawyers, tax & audit experts, business advisors and project specialists
who complete its collective ‘client care’ methodologies in the Middle East & Upper East Asia.

It is this consumer-centered methodology that leads Highworth to client success and long-lasting business relationships. Thanks to that, it has brought its affiliate Highworth International Corporate Services (Ras Al Khaimah) into life, which today is taking the lead on all regional projects undertaken. “There is this strange thing happening in our company. We have zero customers and work only with partners. Most of them call us friends & vice versa,” quotes Rovertos. It is this astute strategy that thrusts its clients to continue working with it, and its business has grown through word of mouth, having witnessed a rise of 25 percent of clients in 2018. Having surged its services three-fold in 2017 and spread its presence in the Far East regional markets and Hong Kong, Highworth aims to spread its wings in Singapore.

Worldwide Presence
Located at the crossroads of three continents in Nicosia, which gives it the regional advantage to know & understand neighboring jurisdictions better, Highworth, while having vast experience in the international markets, not only serves three continents, but also professionals from around the world. This coupled with its global network in UK, Ireland, Malta, Bulgaria, Switzerland, U.S., UAE, Montenegro, Georgia, Russia, India, Lebanon, Egypt, Serbia, BVI, Seychelles, Mauritius, Hong Kong, and Cayman Islands enables its clients access to global jurisdictions.