Hospitaliz: The Power of Better Healthcare Choice

Raja Joy Phookan, CEO & Co-Founder,Nandini Basu Phookan,  Managing Director & Co-Founder

Raja Joy Phookan, CEO & Co-Founder

Nandini Basu Phookan, Managing Director & Co-Founder

Raja Joy Phookan,a successful lawyer, and Nandini Basu Phookan, a talent acquisition leader were happy with their professions until they encountered a series of problems in healthcare. It was during the time when Raja's father was in need for frequent medical attention. This personal experience prompted them to start something in healthcare.

Kolkata based Vaidyaa started with 24-hour doctor visit services at home, focussed on the local market. Additionally, they offered nutritional counselling, dental care, psychiatric counselling & more at home.

“Once we were able to garner experience in the local area, we entered into the medical facilitation space for the health tourism sector in countries like Bangladesh and Afghanistan” says Raja Joy Phookan, CEO & Co-Founder, Hospitaliz.

Hospitaliz Endeavours to Render A System Which Helps Patients Make Informed Choices When IT Comes to Treatment Options, and Encourages Accountability, Service Recognition & Continuous Improvement In Private Hospitals Worldwide

The Creation of Hospitaliz: An Invaluable Guide
In the second year of operations, Vaidyaarealisedahuge gap in the healthcare industry. Key players needed to complete on the basis of exceptional service quality, optimum patient comfort, and relatively reasonable costs for various treatments. ”However, there was no convenient way for end users to measure these points of competition and no unified patient community with which they may consult. Thus, Hospitaliz a hospital information and review platform was conceived. It helps patients give feedback on their treatment experience, and helps others make informed choices when it comes to treatment options, and also encourages accountability, service recognition & continuous improvement in private hospitals worldwide. “Through this app, we encourage patients who are availing services in hospitals and clinics to
share their experiences. This will help prospective patients make better-informed decisions and enables hospitals to deliver better healthcare experiences through its services & facilities,”explains Nandini Basu Phookan, Managing Director & Co-Founder, Hospitaliz.

The platform provides information for 556 hospitals across 25 plus countries on its website and mobile app. This includes 27 hospitals in the UAE, Dubai, Israel and Turkey. Nandini states, “The Middle East is a very promising market, and patients should be able to provide reliable feedback and healthcare providers showcase their specialties. Moreover, despite the challenges of Artificial Intelligence in healthcare, we will use analytics to identify areas of focus and trends in terms of treatment, patient movement, and key differentiators for providers. We also plan to use healthcare bots in our website and app, so patients can interact through a chat window to receive help with their queries.”

Spreading Wings Across Geographies
The company is launching its first phase of the app in February with coverage of hospitals in India, UAE, Dubai, Singapore & Thailand before moving on to cover USA and other countries. Being self-funded so far, they are in talks with investors to take it to the next level globally. “Our mission is to ensure everyone makes an informed choice when it comes to healthcare” says Raja.