Hotpack Global: Innovative & Advanced Packaging Solutions for Diverse Industries

Abdul Jebbar P.B.,Group MDThe packaging industry is booming at a rapid pace owing to the high needs of packaging products in diverse industries. However, manufacturers who can offer advanced packaging solutions at affordable rates, understanding the unique needs of clients are quite obscure. Hotpack Global is the pioneer in the manufacture and distribution of food packaging solutions. With an array of innovative packaging products of over 3500 items, its products stand out from the rest for its quality, innovation and hygiene. It has 12 manufacturing plants in the region and specializes in the production of quality packaging products made of paper, aluminium and plastic.

Offering Products World wide
Founded in 1995, Hotpack completed 26 years of its presence in the market recently. It works as a one stop shop and preferred packaging partner to over 25000 dedicated customers worldwide. The company exports products to almost hundred countries globally. Its products are procured by businesses including major hotels, hospitals, restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries, airlines, ship chandlers and above all thousands of household users globally. From foils to films, cups, plates, trays, containers, boxes, bags, wraps, cutlery, safety and hygiene products, cleaning products, biodegradable products the product range of the company is endless.

"Our R&D team is very active in identifying new product categories and launching them that minimizes carbon footprint. Sustain ability is the new buzzword in the industry and Hotpack is looking at creating bigger opportunities in recyclable, compostable products that would help minimize CO2 emissions", says Abdul Jebbar P.B., Group Managing Director, Hotpack Global.

Hotpack has continually embraced state of the art manufacturing technology at the core of its growth and operations

Embracing State-of-the- Art Manufacturing Technology
Hotpack has continually embraced state of the art manufacturing technology at the core of its growth and operations. The roadmap for Hotpack in digitalization was rolled out four years ago and has been firmly rooted towards the platinum standard of `Industry 4.0'. Benefitting from its invaluable learning, gained from the years of experience and expertise, its new five year digital transformation strategy is targeted to embrace and combine innovations in artificial intelligence, augmented reality, robotic technology, IoT, big data and more, to enhance efficiency and optimize operations by smart usage of technology, people and processes. Also, its key strategy of backward integration allows the company to carefully explore the market requirements and thereafter introduce the absolute best manufacturing technologies, improve margins, and control costs from raw material through to production through to distribution process.

"Product quality and timely delivery are the most important factors that differentiate us from other service providers. Our manufacturing facilities and our logistics support offers us that flexibility. With over 200,000 pallet storage facilities, state of the art warehouse management system and our own fleet of delivery vehicles, we are able to fulfill on-time delivery throughout the region with precision. This, combined with our ultra modern factories that roll out quality packaging products offer unmatched customer confidence," Abdul adds.

Eyeing At a Bright Future
The company is on a target to achieve its vision to be the premier global brand in packaging industry. It is in the process of adding more production lines to its existing ones. In addition, it is also establishing new factories both in Gulf region as well as overseas to manufacture and distribute sustainable products that help the world with reduced carbon emissions. "We also are charting out plans to expand our export reach to cover more countries and regions, so that we truly live up to our vision to be the global leaders in packaging products," Abdul concludes.