Immigration Pioneer: Trustworthy Organisation Facilitating a Hurdle Free Immigration

Pawan Sharma,CEO
Pawan Sharma, CEO

It was in 2015, Tushar Valand decided to visit South Africa to meet his fiancé, a South Africa citizen. However, his visa application was rejected twice and he had already lost all hopes of setting foot on the South African shore. But in 2017, January he contacted Delhi-based Immigration Pioneer for the Relative Permit and within four weeks, he was finally able to relocate to the country and is now leading a happy life with his wife in South Africa. One of the many such cases, Immigration Pioneer has helped scores of people fulfill their lifelong dream of visiting and settling abroad, facilitating them student visa, work visa, cultural education and many others. “Our goal is to provide immigration solutions you can trust. We aspire to simplify our customer’s migration journey, by lending our industrial expertise and experience based on our beliefs of perfection, enthusiasm, accessibility and trust,” proudly asserts Pawan Sharma, CEO, Immigration Pioneer.

Away to the Foreign Lands
With strong understanding of
immigration policies of Australia,
Canada, U.S., UK, South Africa,Hong Kong and New Zealand, Immigration Pioneer helps customers avail hassle free immigration consultancy and assistance to these nations. A registered and reputed firm, it caters to students, working professionals, dependent family members and many others, facilitating them proper background checks, security & research, and culture of the countries of their choice.

"Our goal is to provide immigration solutions you can trust"

For those visiting Canada, the company offers spouse visa and Intra-Company Transfer Program Canada that has array of programs to facilitate entry of temporary foreign workers who can positively impact the Canadian economy. On the other hand, those envisioning visiting New Zealand can avail assistance in skilled migrant visa while looking to shift their base to UK and the U.S. can avail work visa, spouse visa, Tier-I visa and many others. Immigration Pioneer aids people interested in the South African region by facilitating business visa, resident permit visa, critical visa and many others. Pawan further adds, “There are many complications in the immigration policy and people are not aware of those. This is where we come in, lending our innate expertise, otherwise which might lead to rejection”.

Value-Added Services
Apart from the immigration
services, the company goes one step ahead, providing relocation services for customers, including several post landing services like finding accommodation, job assistance services, applying for international driving license, schooling arrangements for the children and several others. Reinforcing these services, team Immigration Pioneer provides the best and genuine information regarding the immigration norms by staying up to date and backing themselves with research on the upcoming immigration policies, guiding customers effectively.

Thanks to its diverse experience, the company is associated with more than 60 corporate companies, five Bollywood Media houses, and more than 30,000 clients worldwide. Interestingly, Immigration Pioneer has sponsored various events in across the world, for instance, India Day Event South Africa, DJ Akill, Bollywood event in Montey Casino, TASA annual event South Africa, and Musical Fund Raiser event South Africa. Apart from this, the company also processes visas for Tollywood and Bollywood celebrities’, professional artists and singers as well. “We have built the brand name and status of Immigration Pioneer through our service expertise and sound knowledge of the industry. Our customers recommend us to their friends and families, catapulting us through word of mouth publicity. This belief and trust is what we want inculcate for years to come,” concludes Pawan.