INFI: Bringing The Human Touch into The Digital World

Yoram Kraus , CEOImagine we could create a better world for our children with the help of cutting-edge technologies that are capable of understanding human behavior and motivation. We could gain better clarity in the understanding of humankind.

Yoram Kraus, a passionate mountaineer was about to introduce a revolutionary perspective on how we utilize technology. In one of his mountain climbing expeditions, at 6,500 meters above sea level, Kraus' climbing team experienced a radical change in weather conditions which put them in life threatening danger. Fortunately, the team made it through the night, and managed to get back safely.

Upon his return home, Kraus was welcomed by his 11-year old daughter's question, "what happens if one day you will not come back?". Kraus's replied that he will create an avatar representing his distinct character, that will always be there for her.

Seven years ago, this concept would have sounded imaginary, but today reality and technology are reaching a(the) point where it actually sounds conceivable.

The philosophical question surrounding the human identity, interpersonal relationships and the notion that the digital world is disengaged from humans, led Yoram Kraus to lay the foundations of INFI. The company is introducing an empathetic AI technology that utilizes psychology and machine learning to create powerful predictive algorithms. In other words, INFI is bridging between humans and machines, reflecting how millions of people around the world think, feel, decide and behave.

One of the biggest challenges faced by AI companies is teaching machines to extract insights from big data about individuals essentially understanding WHAT each of us is doing. Existing big data and machine learning technologies aim to group individuals into market segments and `tribes', providing the understanding of WHAT certain groups of people might require based on their past actions and behavioral patterns. However, these tools are about to reach a glass ceiling since they miss the crucial understanding of the individual's emotions and motivations.

INFI's EmpathAI an emotionally driven AI adds a new additional layer which provides a deep understanding of the WHY, which reflects human motivation. INFI is the first company in the world capable of providing such a layer of insights based on feelings of the individual on digital platforms. By converting this understanding into code, it is able to reflect the true identity of the individuals in the digital world.

Understanding the WHY, WHAT and HOW of human interactions
For the first time in history, an overload of endless digital information that was once considered useless, now becomes priceless. With INFI, service providers, sellers and brands have the capacity to understand what motivates humans on their digital platforms. Brands can now provide tailor made experiences that convey a personalized approach for every individual user. INFI has the power to warm up the cold user experience by providing a human touch on every digital touchpoint.

The WHY of doing or avoiding doing certain things has been a key topic of discussion for AI researchers across the globe particularly among those enthusiasts who are keen on bridging the gap to connect humans with machines. Big data analytics gather an increasing amount of information about each and every one of us, and AI tools are trying to perfect the prediction of WHAT people will do and HOW. These tools try to anticipate what we
might need based on our past actions, which is important, but lacks the understanding of human motivations.

INFI's technological revolution provides the ability to connect between humans and the digital world. "We are the game changer which takes the digital era to the next stage by bridging the digital divide, simply by being able to know and understand each and every individual in person", said Kraus, INFI's co-founder and CEO.

INFI is the first company in the world capable of providing such a layer of insights based on feelings of the individual on digital platforms

Ultra-tailored Recommendations
INFI offers a tailor made 360-degree solutions that changes the way brands interact with their customers on their platforms, which is now capable of providing a personal touch. INFI extracts deep user insights and data that are priceless to its customers, which range from leading banks and retailers to healthcare providers. They all have the same objectives in common: The need to improve business agility by providing a differentiated, user friendly service coupled with a human touch. Deploying this type of user interaction is expected to increase customer satisfaction and further drive an increase in revenues. Personality related insights will be used to tune sales to the specific tastes of each individual, including offers scheduled for the right time. A true WIN-WIN situation.

Until today, consumers have been frustrated with content recommendations that were irrelevant to their personal needs, wishes, hopes and dreams. Frustration grew due to the cold interaction that such consumers experience with digital platforms. INFI has shifted the customer back to the center, by customizing the human experience through tailored offerings. INFI enables every customer to find the service or product they are actually looking for, thus avoiding common 'spamming' tactics. INFI provides individuals with the space they need, interacting with the individual only at the right time. For individuals, INFI is now offering a whole new world of seamless interaction between humans on one hand, and machines, sellers and brands on the other hand.

"INFI offers a tailor-made 360-degree solutions that changes the way brands interact with their customers on their platforms, which is now capable of providing a personal touch"

"We are creating a new level of trust between brands and individuals in the digital world. As it positively impacts both financial and quality of service aspects, it drives a WIN-WIN situation for all involved, while improving the quality of life of each and every one of us. We embarked on a truly exciting journey", Kraus shared.

Bringing back the TRUST aspect
EmpathAI is INFI's revolutionary technology that allows its customers to sense each individual and provide customized responses based on his/her emotional profile, wishes and needs, at the right time. "It is the secret of being able to instill a high level of trust in customers. It is the missing element in the world of AI today as available technologies have reached a glass ceiling in their ability to understand the individual", added Kraus. Evidently, `trust' is a nontechnological characteristic in the technological ecosystem that we live in. INFI is able to reflect the thought process into the digital world where the human experience becomes personal.

INFI is currently working with market leading companies around the world and has already engaged with customers in the U.S., U.K., China, India, Brazil and Turkey.

EmpathAI's rollout is expected to improve people's lives around the world, enabling an endless array of enhanced and new services. From user tailored buying processes and gaming experiences, to personalized healthcare and loan approvals.

INFI at a glance
Founded in 2013, INFI is a leading global AI company, headquartered in Tel Aviv, who's pioneering EmpathAI technology is revolutionizing how companies understand and captivate audiences.

Developed by world class experts in psychology, AI, data mining and machine learning, EmpathAI combines intricate psychological models with proprietary algorithms to produce instant comprehensive insights into the personality traits, attitudes and behavior of any user, employee or customer.

With INFI, companies from an array of industries, including Finance, Healthcare, E-Commerce and others, can build sincere and empathetic relationships with individuals, by tailoring every digital interaction to the individual.

By uncovering what motivates individuals INFI is revolutionizing everything we know about human computer communication.