KWS Middle East: Simplifying Business Setup & Development Avenues Economically, Efficiently & Expertly

Aqsa Abdullah,CEO

Aqsa Abdullah, CEO

Dubai, the city of dreams, is one hotshot destination that all entrepreneurs eye upon for business development. The region’s growth potential, both socio-politically and economically, is buzzing new opportunities and becoming a sky-high hub for commercial innovation and entrepreneurship. Citing this new normal in UAE, businessmen are fast-embracing business development opportunities in the region. However, unfamiliarity with the country’s policies and regulatory structure often comes across as a stumbling block, and eventually disturbs financial blueprint and swipes away timeline maximally. To simplify business development trajectory in Dubai landscape, KWS Middle East (KWSME) steps-in as a reliable financial consultant rendering business setup and PRO services in a cost & time effective manner, hence elevating opportunities and profitable prospects simultaneously.

The brainchild of Aqsa Abdullah (CEO), KWSME is the authorized name to reckon with for availing innovative, efficient and value-oriented business solutions with a sense of trust and commitment. Exemplifying excellence since 2014, the company is recognized amongst the leading business setup providers in UAE and successfully equips its clients with essential tools for business
promotion, development and growth. “Our complete transparency in terms of costs, timelines and documentation procedure helps our clients to understand the situations and make the right decision,” avers Aqsa.

"While unbiased, cost-free initial consultation paves a confident start, KWSME’s close association with government bodies helps clients in receiving required approvals, authorizations and trade license in lesser timeframe"

Comprehensive Consulting with Reliable Support
Owning to detailed knowledge of UAE government regulations, business policies & structure, and clearly understanding client’s business nature & specified requirements makes KWSME outshine the competitive edge. While unbiased, cost-free initial consultation paves a confident start, the company’s close association with government bodies helps clients in receiving required approvals, authorizations and trade license in lesser time frame. Besides alleviating business stress through quick servicing and updating clients with UAE’s changing business environment, KWSME provides access to exclusive networking medium that connects clients to their prospective customers and boosts business growth.

KWSME’s provision umbrella spans a comprehensive servicing graph starting with business setup services to company formation solutions. While for the former, it offers business setup assistance along with company registration supervision, the latter provides seamless guidance for main land, freezone and offshore company formations. For those entailing guided direction in later stages, the
company proves to be a consulting champion for accounts & advisory counseling and business support planning. Aqsa explicates, “Our services differ from conventional companies’ provision as we exude a hint of ownership of the client’s investment and make it our top priority to supplicate our client with a hassle-free, secure & profitable business setup”.

Where Experience Meets Knowledge
With prolific knowledge and rich experience in action, KWSME’s ace consultants create custom plans for active customer engagement and continuously engage in research activities to stay abreast with market trends and economic policies. The methodology followed in-house epitomizes client needs in a transparent frame and ensures the delivery of prominent services in an economical, timely and professional way. Accredited by all regulatory authorities and adhering to UAE Business Laws, the company manages clients’ timelines by completing documentation in advance and paints a vivid picture of clientele requirements in mind to realize conceptualized vision into reality.

An innovative pioneer leveraging technological advancements and marketing strategies at par, KWSME is inherently pro-technology with tech-savvy workforce practicing innovation throughout the process. Presently, it operates actively in Dubai & Pakistan, and scales exponential revenue growth with an annual increase of 60 percent. With Aqsa being recognized among 300 most influential women entrepreneurs at Woman of Substance Awards 2018 by Khaleej Times, KWSME is set-out to leave a lasting impression in the UAE landscape.