Mohsin Haider Darwish LLC.: Oman's Industrial Renaissance

Mohsin Hani Al Bahrani,CEOOman, a popular getaway in southeast corner of the Arabian Peninsula, is home to well-preserved heritage, rich Arabic culture and renowned destination resorts. Post the difficult year of the pandemic, the Sultanate of Oman’s economy is on a solid path to recovery amid the easing of pandemic pressures, higher hydrocarbon outputs, and wide-ranging government reforms. The media in India has grown into an economic giant, with a business turnover that exceeds one percent of the country's gross domestic product(GDP) and matches the economic size of many individual industries in India. India's is considered the world's most dynamic media industry and one of the fastest growing anywhere. The media's worth is equivalent to half the value of India's famously successful computer software exports.

World Bank's GCC Economic Update for April 2022 mentions that "Front loaded fiscal reforms, including VAT, and cuts in spending are expected to turn the country's fiscal and current account deficits into surpluses, starting from 2022. Downside risks include any resurgent pandemic pressures, volatility in oil prices, and slower implementation of the government’s reform program. On the upside, rising hydrocarbon production, improved non-oil revenues, and the rationalization of expenditure could strengthen fiscal and external positions." More so, the government of Oman has announced that it aims to have 16 percent electricity demands to be met through renewable means by 2025 and 30 percent by 2030. It is estimated that around two-thirds of this will be met by solar energy, with the remainder met by wind and waste-to-energy.

The Sultanate of Oman’s economy is recovering gradually from the dual impact of the pandemic and the temporary collapse in oil prices it caused. Estimates suggest that the country's overall growth reached 2.1 percent in 2021. Amidst this dynamic ecosystem, one organization has made significant strides to uplift the economy.

Riding waves of growth and development, Mohsin Haider Darwish has been a strong contributor to the economy of Oman in the last few decades. Even still, MHD is hopeful to further catapult a promising future. The organization is observing the change, currently sweeping through its communities, be it in the businesses MHD operates in, the societies or the global realities of today.

Opportunities are opening up for reliable and efficient transportation, effective communication, dependable infrastructure, better healthcare and living. MHD built on a legacy of delivering success with value, over the years. MHD has the strength of legacy and the spirit of ambition to leverage these opportunities.

At The Centre Of Success
Mohsin Hani Al Bahrani, the current CEO at MHD ACERE has revolutionized the family business with his enterprising spirit. A stern professional of new generation, he has made quite a mark in the corporate world of Oman. Under his leadership, MHD has brought many well-known multinational brands to the Sultanate including McLaren Automotive, which was successfully launched at the state-of-the-art showroom in Azaiba, Muscat in 2020. As of today, Mohsin Haider Darwish is the only distributor of Jaguar, Land Rover, McLaren, Honqi, MG Motor, Ashok Leyland, Ford Trucks, CMC, Michelin, BF Good Reach, Riken, VARTA Batteries, Terex Finlay, XCMG, Mitsubishi, Opus, and Drager cranes in Oman. MHD had remarkably increased the sales of MG cars in 2020, with a whopping 520 percent rise compared to the previous year. This essentially changed the perception of skeptical consumers towards Chinese brands. At the same time, the Group exercises leadership in commercial vehicles
distribution too, with Ashok Leyland. MHD has also turned towards improving its after sales service experience in order to retain customers all across the sultanate, thereby creating more jobs in Oman.

Mohsin Hani Al Bahrani joined MHD as the Director of Automotive. After a year, he was promoted to CEO, at a time when the pandemic was challenging the economic health of Oman. However, drawing on his business acumen and resilience, he was able to bring in niche brands such as McLaren Automotive, ABB EV Chargers, Varta Batteries, XCMG, and Weir Trio. This created much needed employment opportunities for the country and contributed to socio-economic development. Beyond the pandemic, the young CEO has also expanded the sales and after sales network for MHD ACERE, setting up seven new sales facilities across Oman and increasing the aftersales facilities from 3 to 12 in a short span of two years. Mohsin Hani was also instrumental in merging together the Tyres and Batteries division with Automotive to ensure the growth and expansion of brands such as Michelin, BF Goodrich, Riken, and Eneos. He also played an active role in promoting MG Motors in the sultanate. In 2019, the brand ranked 15th in terms of local sales volume, according to the MEAC Report. Now, it occupies third position, behind Toyota and Nissan.

Having excelled in the automotive segment, MHD is committed to being a vital player in spearheading the private sector of Oman into implementing sustainable energy solutions

Bringing Clean Energy To The Fold
Having excelled in the automotive segment, MHD is committed to being a vital player in spearheading the private sector of Oman into implementing sustainable energy solutions. Pertaining to this commitment, MHS established the Renewable Energy and Electric Vehicles Division. Interestingly, this is an industry first in Oman, that is dedicated to drive technological innovation powered by clean energy. MHD has ventured into the renewable energy segment and has introduced a business called 'ABB Brand' of chargers for electric vehicles. MHD has entered into a partnership with the digital technology giant, ABB to obtain High-power electric vehicle chargers that will be installed across Oman.

Succeeding, Against All Odds
The pandemic year brought with it vast challenges and drastic repercussions on all aspects of the economy, trade, and business in general. The lockdown too significantly affected the auto sector. MHD has always been a philanthropic at heart. Therefore, during the morbid times, the firm ensured the safety of its employees and customers through various measures and precautionary procedures. Mohsin Hani Al Bahrani has opined that digital technology is the way forward for a post-pandemic world. The firm has leveraged on several digital technologies to keep customers connected in tough times and at the same time, be prepared for any worst case scenario during the pandemic. Mohsin Hani enhanced the e-commerce platform of Jaguar Land Rover. These moves have enabled MHD ACERE to achieve its goals of delivering utmost customer satisfaction and improving overall brand awareness. Automotive industry is just as susceptible to risks as any other industry. Therefore, MHD pays special attention to risk management and makes it a part of every business operation and investment.

Mohsin Hani had become an important figure in the pandemic hit Oman. Demonstrating utmost caliber of a leader, he deployed and converted Ashok Leyland buses into mobile covid testing units to help curb the spread of the pandemic. Meanwhile, as a commitment to the country, Mohsin Hani has also been a champion of Omanization within the organization and has ensured that the target of 65% Omanization set by the Ministry of Labour is successfully adhered to within MHD ACERE. Last year alone, he was directly involved in hiring 107 Omani employees into the company.

Given his spree of bringing Oman's economy to fruition, Mohsin Hani was rewarded by SAIC Motor Middle East for outstanding sales where MG is concerned. He has been recognized by several publications and organizations for his direct contribution to the nation's growth; all this at an age of under 30.

Expanding Across Verticals Is The Roadmap For Future
MHD has diversified its business operations into new verticals by setting up MHD Leasing L.L.C, which caters to the tourism industry within the country. The newly formed Healthcare division is looked after by Mohsin Hani, and MHD has partnered with some of the leading global brands in the medical sector such as Spark Meditech, Comen, Schrack Seconet AG, FUJIFILM, and Sonosite, to bring some of the best medical equipment and practices to the sultanate. This HospiCare division of MHD ACERE also supplies intra aortic balloon catheters, hernia repair meshes, and other vital equipment to top medical organizations and hospitals in the country.

Together with the partners and people, MHD will continue to inspire progress that will build meaningful values for future generations. With our network and presence, MHD will collaborate with local businesses to build capability, identify and hone talent and co-create innovative solutions. MHD will always be inspired by the remarkable vision and leadership of HM Sultan Qaboos bin Said. The organization is truly humbled to be working under his patronage and to contribute to the success and growth of Oman and to the prosperity of its people.