Nexus Business Services: Your One-Stop-Shop for Business Establishment & Relocation Needs within the UAE

Souad Al Hosani, President  ,Stefania Badariotti, Vice President

Souad Al Hosani, President

Over the past few years, Abu Dhabi has transformed into one of the region’s go-to hubs for emerging businesses due to the abundance of resources, the thriving business climate as well as the versatility of the culture and people within the United Arab Emirates (UAE). In such a highly competitive ecosystem, new businesses require hands-on support from local consultancies that have expertise in all the necessary bureaucratic processes and can provide informed guidance on how best to position a foreign operation within such a dynamic market. Reliance on agencies which market themselves on cost alone without offering personal input often result in short-lived progress requiring retrospective support ultimately delaying or obstructing progress.

Nexus Business Services has built its reputation on catering to the needs of budding investors and proprietors of SMEs as well as mid-size and large companies aspiring to establish a prosperous base within the UAE. Services such as registering commercial licenses, operating existing offices, establishing foreign branches, new LLCs, joint ventures and representative offices all fall within Nexus’ remit and successful management of such services are core to the initial launch and ongoing success of new startups.

Credentials & Unrivalled Expertise
An Abu Dhabi-based & Emirati-owned business consultancy since 2009, Nexus deploys a personalised approach when managing clients, wherein its President – Souad Al Hosani, a renowned, award-winning, Emirati
entrepreneur, and its Vice President – Stefania Badariotti, international law specialist having multi-industry experience across legal, strategy and management consultancy, are both readily available to address clients’ business inquiries. Nexus offers expert advice both on cultural and managerial perspectives whilst also providing day-to-day advice to their expanding database of clients. The mix of clients has grown over the past decade to include businesses from all over the UAE due to the wealth of business insights and tailored advice relating to legalities, commercial options, and license requirements across all seven emirates.

"Nexus offers expert advice both on cultural and managerial perspectives whilst also providing day-to-day advice to their expanding database of clients"

Nexus’ credentials are also demonstrated byan impressive portfolio of international clientele, past corporate sponsorship at AmCham and board membership in the U.S.-UAE Committee. In addition to this, the firm has unrivalled familiarity with the UAE business culture and has direct access to abroad network of corporate, private and Government advisors and experts both locally and internationally. Nexus has also established strong relationships with key decision makers, UAE business influencers and Government bodies within a wide variety of sectors.

Full-Fledged Services Portfolio
Nexus has acquired MoU endorsement by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation as a national consultancy firm, which supports the flow of foreign investment to the country. The core function of the business has been built on providing seamless documentation submission to the relevant government authorities whilst seeking the necessary attestations and approvals for drafting constituent legal documents in Arabic /English (such documents are mandatory for submission to
Notary Public& other Government entities).

In addition to legal documentation advisory, Nexus offers company formation guidance, commercial licensing consulting, relocation services covering health, immigration& other government authorities. With the help of a dedicated, in-house team, the consultancy offers a wide range of added value services such as HR & PRO advisory, including legislative support on UAE visa eligibility, renewal dates & validity, Ministry of Labour contracts & requirements, WPS, flagging & visa bans, immigration regulatory changes, and VAT registration.

Stefania Badariotti, Vice President

As further assurance to Nexus clients, their highly integrated CRM system guarantees maximum data privacy and security which enables protected transfer of infoacross international jurisdictions. This not only helps facilitate the daily transmission of confidential information, but also ensures Nexus’s internal infrastructure is compatible with the many requirements of its diverse range of clients. Stefania outlining Nexus’ role in the foreign direct investment program concludes, “We recently established an office in Singapore which deals with the Southeast Asian business communities. It primarily supports the regional UAE embassies and mission representatives, but also serves to strengthen cooperation with UAE-based investment offices responsible for coordinating future projects and foreign investment across public & private partnerships within the seven Emirates”.