Noise PR Firm: Moving Steadily Forward with Lots of Noise in Silence

Georges Najm,  Founder & CEO

Georges Najm

Founder & CEO

The economic ‘slowbalization’ is now real across the continents, impacting almost the entire spectrum of businesses. Replicating the world’s hottest markets like the US, Europe, and India, the Public Relations (PR) industry in Lebanon is also taking a hit, and clients are earmarking the lion’s share of their marketing budget to much cheaper marketing media like social media, depriving the PR firms from their good-old financial privileges. Although going digital is something inevitable, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the PR firms should migrate completely to the digital world. It’s just that modern problems require modern solutions.

The Client Centric Modern Solution
Manifesting one such ‘modern solution’ is Georges Najm a Senior Communications Consultant, post MBA University Lecturer and the Founder & CEO of Lebanon based Noise PR Firm. Under the aegis of Georges, Noise adopts a specific methodology strictly based on solid data, which the company constantly researches on and analyzes. This amalgamates with the proven capabilities of Georges, who has a strong plinth of knowledge and experience beneath him. Leveraging his unparalleled skills, experience and thought leadership, Noise encrusts over a bunch of specialized services that include media relations, lobbying, crisis communications, and advocacy & public affairs. Over the years, Georges and Noise have been advising numerous top brass political & corporate decision makers

providing them with strategic consultancy and advisory over major public affairs issues.

One among Noise’s prestigious clients is Lebanon Reforestation Initiative(LRI). Lend your ears to LRI’s Director, Maya Nehme, who echoes her sentiments, “Noise has helped us create and scale an integrated PR strategy. They have a deep understanding of our objectives and consequently created story ideas and media angles that helped us in building our profile in front of the right audience”. It’s exemplary the way Noise builds a strong relationship with its clients based on trust by considering them as partners and putting technology to good use.

Noise has been advising numerous top-brass politicians and decision makers, providing them with strategic consultancy and advisory over major public affairs issues

For instance, Noise’s media intelligence team uses cutting-edge tools and technologies to provide real-time capabilities in order to ensure that the clients receive detailed reports that affect their businesses. Assurance that they don’t miss any important information allows the clients to take informed decisions with confidence and launch strategic projects. To make it even rosier, the company is developing a common messaging platform which will serve as a base for any kind of communication with the client.

Going a step further, Noise also helps its clients build or create their master narrative that they want to present to different stakeholders of the organization. “We think and act proactively throughout our contractual cooperation with the client and constantly update them with our strategies to match their dynamic requirements,” asserts Georges, who recently conducted a branding conference with more than 500 CEOs present. He adds, “We never propose any client the same idea from another pitch that was rejected. I take pride in saying that we suggest original ideas and provide totally customized services”.

Success Path
Came into existence in 2013, Noise today is one of the biggest standalone PR firms in the country being home to more than 20 seasoned PR professionals and serving a spectrum of institutions and corporations in the region. There has been no secret sauce in this success, but creating and developing original ideas. As an icing on the cake, it also provides specialized event management services, creating ‘noise’ around it. Noise is moving forward despite the tides of economic slowdown.