PR360: Helping Organizations to Reach New Heights

Dr. Hilik Goldstein, PartnerLike many other industries that are witnessing evolution & improvement due to advancement of the business world and technology the Middle East (ME)Public Relations(PR) industry is also experiencing a terrific time. Over the past few years, the ME PR industry has evolved to grow from a handful of fullfledged agencies to an extensive array of agencies of all shapes sizes, and specialties which offer services and advice comprising of a variety of hues. Additionally with technology, social and digital media becoming crucial parts of designing a PR strategy the entire industry has received a massive boost. Placing itself in a strategic manner to ride along this wave of success is PR360 a Tel Aviv based PR agency that is rendering its services across the ME region. The PR360 team of professionals includes consultants and customer relationship managers who are among the finest and most experienced in their field, with rich experience in working with media and with leading companies in the market.

Services & Expertise
This 2014 established firm is creating a niche in the industry by representing itself as a comprehensive world-view of the system of contacts and ties that a business needs to maintain with the media world in order to create a comfortable business climate. The company has extensive expertise in most
spheres of economic activity including media finance, and banking as well as in accompanying mergers and buyouts, leveraging which it provides full and comprehensive services including all aspects of work with the traditional and new media. Right from legislation & union support consolidation of media strategy, ongoing media consultation, PR & spokesmanship, corporate PR, digital PR, media crisis management intra organizational consultation branding to content services management the boutique agency ensures the fulfilment of each client’s objectives and public visibility by means of diverse communication tools without restricting the scope of work to defined parameters.

Our toolkit doesn’t offer only PR skills, we understand the big picture, and provide full support & solutions to our clients

PR360 completely understands that PR success is way more than just a newspaper item in the current era. Besides, every organization has different needs structure, and strategy. Hence, the firm strives to offer the best tailormade services to its clients. Considering flexibility as the most important aspect, PR360 scrutinizes & determines the work strategy together with the client. “Our toolkit doesn’t offer only PR skills we understand the big picture and provide full support & solutions to our clients. We use a holistic view and examine the entire interfaces to accomplish our client’s goals,” avers Dr. Hilik Goldstein, Partner, PR360.

Acute Work Approach
Nowadays staying up-to-date in an industry that’s constantly shifting isn’t easy but being aware of changes as they’re happening can keep an organization ahead of the curve. With an aim to achieve that PR360 has been working in cooperation with several hightech companies who help the firm to keep track and analyze all of the relevant sources of media. Through these tools PR360 excavates and collects data on the entire spectrum of the media field in Israel. Combining these capabilities with the deep web and analytical understandings of its dedicated associates, PR360 monitors the messages that are received in realtime. This helps the firm to enhance its performance.

With such dedicated offerings, the firm aims to become the best PR agency with more number of clients. Since its inception PR360 has bagged a number of prestigious clients including PICTET McKinsey Capital, Foresight Aeronautics CardioValve Philip Morris Israel and many more.