Provident Estate: Ensuring Maximum ROI for Client While Providing Stress - free Service

Romaa'l Patel,   Director

Romaa'l Patel, Director

Property management is the well hidden backbone of the real estate sector. In the last decade alone, property management has developed alongside Middle East region's skyline. The key to good property management is making sure both the landlord and the tenant feel safe and comfortable with their middle man for any concerns regarding their unit, and Provident Estate - a Dubai headquartered property management service provider–has cracked the code to deal with this, with grace. The firm's management concept is based on professionalism, integrity, accountability and quality services which guarantee the maximum returns forits client's investments while maintaining the property at its highest standards to attract the best suitable tenants.

With the experience of over 10 years within property management, Provident offers a range of services ranging from rent collection, tenant relations, Ejari registrations, repair, maintenance, security deposit, annual inspections, move-in inspections, move-out inspections, marketing and leasing of the properties while
providing the landlord with realistic market prices to ensure they are receiving optimal ROIs.“Almost every real estate investor desires a satisfactory income from their properties without the inconvenience of having to manage and attend to it. We are a stress-free property management service provider with simplefixed no fuss fee covered annually,” says Romaa'l Patel, Property Management and Leasing Director, Provident Estate.

"We are a stress-free property management service with simple fixed no fuss fee covered annually"

Maintaining Landlord - Tenant Relationship
On several occasions, Romaa’l has found herself buying flowers on behalf of the landlord for new tenants as a sign of good faith and is implementing e-cards for holidays and birthdays. She does not believe in contacting her clients just when things go wrong but instead ensuring an open line of communication throughout their time by having her team get in touch with tenants and landlords on a monthly basis to ensure they are well and content. When you reach-out you are not contacting a company but instead a companion who is able to assist you through any troubles or issues you may be experiencing. To make the communication process even easier, Provident now offers a property management application(Happy Tenant), which enables tenants to pay their rent through the App, view their tenancy dates with their contract information available at the tips of their fingers, report issues, make and view their maintenance request and receive
announcements as well, introducing a new layer of transparency to the relationship.

The team efficiently handles any queries, while the client’s units are kept in prime condition throughout their time with Provident, be it a residential or commercial. The firm has reliable registered vendors working at their optimal level on its preferred supplier list, some of who have worked with the firm for over three years, with this list being updated regularly to ensure best service delivery. Provident is currently managing several villas, apartments, offices and buildings for their clients for which it collaborates with several contractors, including a cleaning firm on a regular basis, maintenance firms for the inspection of building maintenance, fire safety and pest control, all of which are used quarterly to make sure everything is as it should be throughout the year.

Safety and upkeep of the property and it’s their tenants is Provident’s top most priority; the firm conducts regular audits for any breaches and creates snagging reports for maintaining the full potential of the property. With such headstrong services, Provident has been getting most of its clients through referrals and boasts more than 30 awards, including Top 10 Forbes Real Estate Agency 2017 and People’s Choice Real Estate Awards 2015. Witnessing an impressive 50 companies in the UAE as it clientele, the company is all set to grow profoundly in future.