RAG Global Business Hub: Building UAE as a Nation of Entrepreneurs

Rassal Ahmad,CEOCountries like UAE with extraordinarily developed cities like Dubai often experience a surge in people immigrating time and again in search of jobs. Almost 80 to 90 percent of the people coming to Dubai are job seekers and this creates a shortage of jobs in such cities. The need of the hour is to fuel entrepreneurial dreams and assist people in setting up their businesses that can offer jobs to people and build stronger markets. However, in most cases, even though people dream big of having their own company in countries such as UAE, they shy away owing to the thoughts of convoluted procedures involved in setting up their businesses. RAG, headquartered in UAE is a market entry specialist company that assists entrepreneurs to seamlessly build, set up, and start their dream businesses in UAE. RAG Global Business Hub is positioned as a market entry specialist that provides 360-degree services for existing as well as to new startups and entrepreneurs. The vision of RAG is to build UAE as a nation of entrepreneurs. We need more entrepreneurs who can build their businesses to create more jobs for a better tomorrow,' says Rassal Ahmad, CEO, RAG Global Business Hub.

Fueling the Entrepreneurial Dream
When an entrepreneur executes their dream of building a successful company, they look for support to get their licensing done, look for an office space at an affordable rate and thus slowly build their team. Along with that, entrepreneurs focus on business operations and spend most of their time to fuel growth. This gives rise to the convergence of priorities and they need assistance of experts who can take care of their back-office including accounting and bookkeeping tasks with ease, get their licensing procedures and approvals sorted without hassle and help them find an office space in the desired location. Moreover, most entrepreneurs
believe in numbers before they kick start their journey, they seek market research with which they can choose the right location, office space and overall initial business approach to boost maximum business results.

RAG Global Business Hub caters to these needs with utmost efficacy. The company offers in-depth market research services, assist in finding the most suitable and completely serviced office spaces with all modern facilities a for a company, get VISA approvals and all the paper work sorted in tandem with the latest government rules and regulation for smooth business operations.

We provide all the services a startup needs under one umbrella for a smooth entry to the market of UAE and ease the growth of the business

With its highly experienced PRO team consisting of professionals working in the arena for decades, RAG streamlines the entire process of establishing a business and contributes to the strives of entrepreneurs to convert their dream of owning and running a successful business in UAE into a reality. The company takes charge of handling a company's trademark registration and related activities too. The company is slowly building resources and capacity to help clients with their social media and branding activities too, website development and more to churn out the best results amidst the huge competition and digitally progressive age.

'We provide all the services a startup needs under one umbrella for a smooth entry to the market of UAE and ease the growth of the business. Our goal is to be a partner to enthusiastic entrepreneurs and help them focus of business development and growth. The rest is on us,' says Rassal Ahmad, CEO, RAG Global Business Hub.

Established in 2013 in Qatar, RAG works with structured departments including their management teams that take care of clients' satisfaction. With the changing trends in the market from time to time, RAG ensures that its employees are up-to-date with advanced on job training and mentoring. RAG is in a process of setting up an ERP where every project will be taken care of by the teams with efficacy. Affordable services are rare in the arena, and especially at the time of the COVID-19 pandemic where businesses are dealing with financial fluctuations, RAG is offering the most competitive cost of setting up and scaling a business in the UAE.

Eyeing at Growth in the Future
To incorporate new-age technology to its services, RAG Global Business Hub is currently working on a mobile app with cutting edge interface. This will assist clients to have record of documents, avail and pay for services, give feedback on a daily basis and stay in touch with the expert teams at all times. In the coming years, RAG is eyeing at establishing its branches in countries such as India, Oman, Saudi Arabia and more. 'Our biggest achievement is that we are still expanding our business amidst the new normal and we are striving to build UAE as a nation of entrepreneurs and leaders.' Rassal Ahmad, CEO, RAG.