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Hisham A. Rahim  & Raed Nasser,   Co-FoundersAccording to projections, the market for marketing research services will grow as the global market research industry is booming, thanks to digital transformation in marketing. Mostly, this demand is witnessing a rise with businesses seeking insights into consumer behavior in the digital world. Understanding Generation Z (GENZ), active in the digital realm of market segments of FMCG, fashion, technology, and accessory industries, is a priority today for marketing managers in related industries. Technology-based market research is expected to experience significant growth in the coming years.

The Middle East has seen noteworthy developments in the market research industry in the past decade. Major mergers and acquisitions, impacting the market research industry positively and negatively, took place. Undoubtedly, understanding the different MENA regional cultures, plays a great role in developing the right market research tools and ultimately setting the right path to growth. Observing this, even the well-developed and mature markets with established modern trade and digital marketing environments, especially in GCC countries, are creating opportunities for market research firms. However, the major share of the MENA market is still dominated by multinational research agencies. Smaller agencies, on the other hand, own a small market share but offer unique talent, flexibility, and agility, which are tailored to SMEs in the region, driving growth in this important market segment.

As this gap between the larger MENA markets’ understanding and the lack of this understanding in smaller markets, with a potential future growth, becomes a pain point for clients, leading to regional generalizations and assumptions of research findings. This may be misleading and may have negative impacts on the clients marketing decisions. RESEARCHONE, a market research veteran in the MENAPA (Middle East, North Africa, Pakistan & Afghanistan) region brings customized solutions to suit those clients who are seeking local knowledge and expertise.

"RESEARCHONE’s success is attributed to its dedicated team of professionals from the region who bring with them valuable local market expertise"

About the Company
Established in 2003, RESEARCHONE is a prominent medium sized 20-year old agency in the Middle East. Addressing the different customer pain points by customizing research solutions depending on the size and goals of clients. The agency prioritizes both challenges and opportunities. Operating in 23 regional markets, the company works in close collaboration with a diverse client base and provides them with end-to-end research services. With eight offices spanning from Bangladesh to Morocco, its extensive presence brings regional coverage with local expertise of each individual market. Endeavoring to meet the market research objectives, this renowned research agency offers clients a wide array of research services and solutions, covering ad hoc research, specialized consumer research, B2B research, consumer U&A studies, triggers and barriers studies, retail audits, social media research, digital media analytics, socioeconomic research (for NGOs, governments, and semi governmental organizations), product and concept testing, and specialized UX/UI auditing/testing for digital platforms, ensuring timely delivery and 100 percent customer satisfaction.

"With our expertise in digital marketing research, we are actively working on developing new generation solutions, incorporating AI & the Metaverse platforms to bring market research to a new level where technology driven methodologies enhance the respondents' experience making it as close as possible to reality, which therefore
reflects on the quality of insights we extract from them", asserts Hisham A.Rahim, Co-Founder.

The company's methodologies and research tools enable it to address client objectives and alleviate pain by providing practical solutions and roadmaps. It utilizes qualitative and quantitative methodologies to generate valuable insights and quantified figures, enhancing client understanding and uncovering market opportunities.

RESEARCHONE's leadership team is highly experienced, each having over 25 years' experience coming from multinational research agencies. Its experienced teams include researchers, project managers, data analysts, programmers, and field supervisors with up to 35 years of industry experience.

"At RESEARCHONE, we pride ourselves on understanding clients' pain points and their corporate culture to provide them with highquality insights and tailored solutions. Our core values include quality, agility, flexibility, governance, transparency, and fostering genuine partnerships. However, our success is attributed to our dedicated team of professionals from the region who bring with them valuable local market expertise. They are the backbone of RESEARCHONE's growth, delivering exceptional customer market research services", asserts Raed Nasser, Co-Founder.

RESEARCHONE’s focus will remain on providing agile services, including customized research solutions, working on shortening the research cycle, & enabling direct engagement between clients & consumers for real time insights

The Strive that Projects Quality
RESEARCHONE prioritizes data privacy, protection, and reliable research findings to ensure dataquality. Compliance with international standards like ESOMAR and GDPR is paramount to RESEARCHONE, and thus it communicates its data privacy policies to respondents before each survey. As an ESOMAR member, it also follows industry guidelines, treating data aggregately to respect respondent anonymity. As RESEARCHONE's commitment to quality extends beyond privacy compliance, it maintains a rigorous quality assurance process with a centralized QA Department over-seeing research and fieldwork across multiple markets. A QA Manager leads the department of dedicated officers and auditors who meticulously assess and audit work against predefined quality standards. Operating from its offices in Jeddah, Dubai, and Lahore, RESEARCHONE through its approach ensures data privacy, protection, and stringent quality assurance. Clients can rely on RESEARCHONE to deliver reliable research outcomes.

RESEARCHONE's client engagement process begins with understanding their specific requirements. Client's approach RESEARCHONE with situations they want to explore, such as market challenges, pain points, or testing new opportunities. RESEARCHONE's researchers' study and ask clients questions to propose suitable research solutions. Once approved, it designs research tools, plans time lines, executes fieldwork, and prepares & presents a final insightful report. It keeps clients engaged throughout the project, encouraging observing fieldwork activities, and attending live consumer group sessions. After completing the fieldwork, it analyzes findings, extracts insights, and prepares presentations with market findings and recommendations.

"We collaborate with clients through revisions and brainstorming sessions to refine findings and develop future action plans. Our process involves understanding client requirements, proposing solutions, executing research, analyzing findings, and collaborating on actionable recommendations and plans", mentions Raed Nasser, Co-Founder.

Growth & Journey Ahead
Having begun its operations 20 years ago as a small fieldwork operations company with a team of five, today, it has expanded to over 55 regional employees, covering 23 markets and 18 verticals. Its market coverage includes Asia(India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Afghanistan), GCC (KSA, UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain), Levant (Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Syria, Iraq), and Africa (Egypt, Sudan, Libya, Morocco, Algeria, Nigeria, Tunisia, Kenya). The company offers research services across diverse verticals, including FMCG & Retail, Wholesale and Distribution, Logistics, Banking and Fintech Telecommunication, Technology & Digital Marketing, Oil & Gas, Medical & Pharmaceuticals, Media and Communications, Agriculture and Agri-products, Hospitality and Travel, Entertainment and Restaurants, Fashion and Apparel, Transportation, Automotive, Tobacco Industries, and Socio-economic domains. With extensive market and vertical coverage RESEARCHONE brings comprehensive research solutions to clients across various industries and markets.

"The company's expertise extends to serving government, semi government, and NGO sectors. RESEARCHONE's, future expansion plans are to enter strategic markets in the region. However, its major focus will remain on providing agile services, including customized research solutions, working on shortening the research cycle, and enabling direct engagement between clients and consumers for real time insights. By incorporating digital platforms, and utilizing AI and metaverse solutions, clients can interact with consumers from the comfort of their offices, while getting great insights", adds, Hisham A. Rahim, Co-Founder.

RESEARCHONE is also expanding its research services in the digital marketing domain, fintech startups, online shopping platforms & UX/UI design testing. RESEARCHONE is also developing digital tools to simplify market insights' management and big data analytics, enhancing usability, and delivering valuable content to its clients.