Smart Zone: Experts at Delivering a Seamless Business Setup Experience

Mahima Sharma and Khushbu Bhatia,Managing PartnersThe uncontrollable spread of Covid-19 cases from across the globe has forced many corporate and business chiefs, professionals as well as wealthy individuals and families to relocate to foreign countries offering better lifestyle and healthcare facilities. In this regard, UAE offers a thriving economy in terms of attractive financing options, impressive infrastructure, excellent government support, and most importantly, the nation lies right in the middle of the World's busiest trade route. However, UAE being a highly complex and well-regulated economy, navigating through regulatory and compliance issues often proves to be a challenging task for newcomers. Smart Zone is one of the few consulting firms in the UAE that specializes in almost all the major jurisdiction in the country. The firm manages complete A to Z business setup engagements for its clients, right from corporate structuring and corporate legal advisory services to helping clients comply to new corporate regulations like ESR, UBO and AML assessments. Having more than a
decade of experience in the business setup industry, Smart Zone has so far incorporated more than 15,000 clients in the UAE market and all across the globe.

We are equipped with the greatest methods and specialists who can lead you in the right direction and support you in every stage until you are ready to open your new office in your preferred location

At the core of Smart Zone's rapid success lies a group of veteran advisors and business professionals aware of all the possible roadblocks young start-ups and long established companies face in the UAE. The professional team's unmatched combination of 30 plus years of expertise, who have extensive knowledge of business setup, corporate structuring and corporate legal compliance coupled with reasonable prices and end-to-end services under one roof has seen Smart Zone emerge at the forefront of offering unmatched corporate solutions. In one of its recent engagements, the team at Smart Zone successfully assisted a multi billion dollar company in setting up its branch in the UAE. The corporate structure was complex and required an in-depth consultation multiple times with the client. The range of services delivered by the Smart Zone team included company formation, a highly complicated & layered structuring and sourcing of a reliable UAE local sponsor. For the transition of the company from India to UAE, the professionals at Smart Zone were also involved in sourcing a prestigious office location for the client, along with the relocation of their 120 plus workforce. This included applying for their UAE residency visas, labour quota approvals, and insurances not only for their workforce but their families as well.

On-boarded with highly experienced and intelligent consultants having a diverse skill set under their belt, Smart Zone has, over the years, build fruitful relationships with government authorities and lawyers from the UAE, which has propelled the company to reach new heights, and today, it has emerged as the "Go to Consultants" for any business setup requirements.