SpazeVision: SpazeVision a Growman Research Group company

Kavish Mishra, AVP - Engineering Services,Swatantra Sharma, Director - Operations

Kavish Mishra

AVP - Engineering Services

Beyond planning, decision making, and infrastructure management, BIM is a social-economic benefit. The industry is not only satisfying the global population's demand but also helping to create spaces that are smarter and resilient with efficient design methodologies. Observing the potential of such services, many projects are being done with the assistance of building information models.

In this scenario of increasing demand, a befitting innovation in construction strategy can help us experience ground-breaking optimization and stability. Gurgaon-based BIM service provider, SpazeVision, a Growman Research Group company, is endowing such as strategic engineering and construction solutions.

One-of-a-Kind Offerings
As one of the fastest-growing BIM and GIS services providers, SpazeVision is committed to offering sustainable engineering services to its clients across the globe. The company prides itself on its core strength of providing end-to-end BIM services from the Conceptual level to As-built drawing for Architecture, Structure, and MEP elements. The array of flagship offerings includes 3D BIM Modelling, MEP Design, Scan to BIM, AutoCAD, 4D Construction & Simulation Services, and 5D model services.

It counts with an extensive portfolio of iconic projects and clients in varied industries such as AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction), Entertainment, Healthcare, Public Transport, Corporate buildings, Residential buildings, Airports, Data centres, Schools, Universities, Distilleries, and more.

Standing ahead of the curve, it provides GIS solutions along with BIM services. "BIM has
been our passion, and GIS is something that our leader-ship team is associated with for over 20 years," remarks Kavish Mishra AVP - Engineering Services.

The Better Side
The high-performing team includes engineers and field experience personnel directly impacting the quality of work. The dedicated team is updated on technology like the BIM360 and focuses on the timeliness of projects. The operations and quality control are maintained at high standards to deliver the best within a set timeframe.

The company helps clients to realize the business benefits of BIM quickly and economically by facilitating the use of innovative technologies and processes. "We are using various cloud-based technologies for seam-less project execution. This also enables real-time progress of the project and help us to complete the project as per client expectation and within the timeline," says Swatantra Sharma Director ­ Operations.

Swatantra Sharma, Director - Operations

It has lined-up several innovations in the portfolio to enhance the overall accessibility of various players in the industry. "The new products would also serve as a tool bridging the gap between different stakeholders and increasing the overall productivity of different players in the field," Kavish mentions.

With Agility, Experience and Passion, SpazeVision celebrates smiles of a many happy clients

Mitigating through several challenges, the brand has been observing steady growth since its inception in 2015. Commenting on the present work scenario Swatantra exclaims, "Amidst the uncertainties, the silver lining is our management's foresight and timely measures to ensure productivity and job security. We are one of the few companies who have hired more people during this economically challenging time."

With all the extraordinary attributes, SpazeVision has won a many client smiles and intends to keep it that way. Currently, it has a delivery center in Gurgaon (India) and the client services team is widespread in Germany, the UK, Dubai, Singapore, and the USA. While offering services locally and internationally, it has gained high customer satisfaction rate within the arena.