Taurus Infotek: An Honest, Authorized & Customized Immigration Service Provider

Manoj Palwe,President
Manoj Palwe, President

Many emerging multinational companies and their young employees have inflamed the global mobility of talent to meet the demand of globalization. Apparently, this scenario has ameliorated the global economy with the support of immigration consulting industry that settles the right skills in right place at the right time. On the other side, numerous people have fallen prey to corrupt immigration consultants who extract their money and turn them down after giving them false hopes of immigration. Renowned as the pioneer in the immigration consulting industry for its honest guidance to clients and counseling industry for its honest guidance to clients and counseling them about life oversees with a touch of personalization is Taurus Infotek, which considers the fact that every client is different and has varying reasons to choose to immigrate.

Honest & Authorized Services
A lot of people are poorly informed and misguided on the eligibility and the processes involved in immigrating to a foreign country and are vulnerable to the exploitation of unauthorized and illegal consultants. Holding the membership of ICCRC and authorized immigration consultants, Taurus upholds the moral & legal responsibility of informing & educating its clients on prospects of successfully migrating to a country of their choice.

Being the only immigration consultant in Maharashtra who is authorized by the Canadian government to provide immigration services, Taurus processes all cases from a single location to maintain highest quality standards with strict supervision. With the number of fraud immigration cases increasing day-by-day, the company has carved-out a niche
through its honest and transparent approach towards its immigration services for over 18 years now.

Taurus also facilitates in-person direct consultation to Manoj Palwe (President, Taurus Infotek), who is an authorized consultant and member of ICCRC, and registered member of Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants. Easily accessible to his clients, he also has an offshore agent ID from Australian Migration department and has passed the Migration Law examination of Migration Institute of Australia.

"Taurus trains its consultants rigorouslyto avoid any miscommunication with applicants, and most importantly makes its clients aware of the changing times of the law"

Helping Clients at the Best of its Abilities
Acknowledging the fact that immigration laws are subjected to rapid changes without prior notice, Taurus trains its consultants rigorously to avoid any miscommunication with applicants, and most importantly makes its clients aware of the changing times of the law. The company has helped thousands of families and individuals through its associates & representatives spread worldwide and offers a wide range of pre & post landing services in Australia & Canada. From job search assistance to pick & drop facilities from airport, finding accommodation, opening bank account, helping choose schools for kids, preparing for the driving license test and integrating into the society of their new home, to business opportunities, the company provides A-Z services to its clients.

At Taurus, clients are provided with accurate and honest opinions on chances of successful immigration. “The governments of Canada & Australia have liberal immigration policies that allow skilled migrants to move there as permanent residents. But it doesn’t necessarily mean immigrating is easy or there isn’t a significant qualifying process. There is a difference between being eligible to apply and being successful,” explains Manoj.
Through constant optimization, Taurus has created a system that helps its clients stay updated on their progress of their cases via phone & email and minimize delays in filling applications. Seeing that most of the clients are working professionals who are short on time, the company has designed a customized system of follow-ups and processes that are flexible in nature, considering client’s individual needs.

The Best Team
At Taurus, employees are regularly updated on immigration policies and undergo a comprehensive training program on soft skills & professional development courses that would help them to understand client’s difficulties accurately and bring-out the best solutions. Every member is assigned a set of responsibilities and provided the required freedom to manage the tasks independently, which keeps them motivated and perform with the best of their abilities. While having a good support from staff and retaining them is a big challenge, Manoj finds himself fortunate, as his core team has remained with him for more than 10 years.

While its reasonable pricing helps the company to remain competitive in the market, Taurus’ indomitable services stands as the reason behind magnetizing a large portion of its clients solely through referrals and its tremendous success, which reflects in its healthy revenue model.

Key Management:
Manoj Palwe, President
An honest and dynamic person, Manoj has immense expertise in Immigration law & policies and implementation of the same has helped out people to immigrate. He never fails to follow the regulatory authorities closely and stays updated with changing norms.

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• Visitor visa
• Permanent residency
• Investor visas
• Startup visa

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