Virtuzone: Enabling Simplified Business Setup Across the UAE

George Hojeige,CEOSetting up a business in the UAE can involve certain challenges. There are over 60 jurisdictions at present in the UAE and one can easily get lost in the mosaic of these jurisdictions. Virtuzone are the pioneers in the industry, helping its clients with hassle-free business setup across the UAE since 2009. The company's head office is in Dubai.

There is a plethora of other offerings by the company that manages the requirements of entrepreneurs and startups beyond the initial paperwork ­ accounting, VAT registration, bank account opening, payroll, IT support, mail management, copyright registration, branding and more.

There can be several restrictions when it comes to setting up a business in UAE. The company assists its clients through the entire process, from advisory to the final setup. The clients come to the company with specific business requirements and Virtuzone helps them understand the best way forward. It advises its clients about the best jurisdiction suitable for their business setup and under which license.

Virtuzone excels at providing an unbiased perspective to its clients when advising them about their business setup. It wants the best for its clients and thus does not push a specific jurisdiction over the other while advising. It educates them over the entire procedure and makes sure that the business setup is cost-efficient, effective and hassle-free and eliminates all the trouble in the future as well.

Virtuzone has a team diverse team of over 100 professionals from 30 different nationalities, representing lingual and cultural diversity

Virtuzone keeps itself aligned with the Government's regulations. There may be certain changes from time to time in regulations regarding jurisdictions and keeping aligned with those is an important aspect of licensing businesses. The company thus keeps itself and its clients updated about the same.

A Diverse Team of Professionals Working to Provide the Best Client Experience
Virtuzone has a team diverse team of over 100 professionals from 30 different nationalities, representing lingual and cultural diversity. This broad spectrum of nationalities, languages and skills provides ease of communication while dealing with the clients. The company has skilled lawyers that are involved in company structuring and other necessary legal zones.

The company has been around for more than 12 years in the market, enabling more than 45,000 entrepreneurs from over 180 countries to start their entrepreneurial journey in the UAE to date. The main focus is to make the client experience as seamless as possible and assist them in the best possible way. It also assists its clients in managing their financial processes and requirements through a hassle-free corporate bank account opening service. The company plans to add more services in the future to cater to all the requirements of SMEs and startups.