Virtuzone: Hassle Free & Transparent Business Setup Solutions

George Hojeige,CEO

George Hojeige, CEO

Irrespective of the location, setting up and running a legally compliant business entity has always been an indispensable business necessity. Easier said than done, it can be overwhelming for new entrepreneurs to choose the right avenues for setting up an organization and to keep up with the ever-evolving government rules & regulations. “With growth in the number of jurisdictions in the UAE, it has become an imperative for companies entering the market to find the right company setup specialist in order to guide them through the various options in the market,” explains George Hojeige, CEO, Virtuzone.

The very first company formation specialists in the UAE, Virtuzone, is committed to helping entrepreneurs with every aspect of starting their business; from choosing the right jurisdiction (free zone, mainland or offshore), procuring company licenses, getting residency visas and opening a corporate bank account. Complemented by a strong ecosystem of business support services and a talented team that consistently follows up with
government entities to provide updated information to customers, the firm serves as the ideal partner for upcoming entrepreneurs.

"We take away the hassle from our clients of dealing with the paperwork involved with setting up your business, so that business owners can focus on building their business"

Letting Business Owners Focus on Building their Business
Working to remove complexities from the process of setting up a business in UAE, Virtuzone ensures a fast and straight forward process. “We take away the hassle from our clients of dealing with the paperwork involved with setting up your business, so that business owners can focus on building their business,” adds George Hojeige. Having developed expertise in various value-added business services, Virtuzone renders branding solutions, IT setup & support, admin & paperwork handling support, call answering services and mail management service. Additionally, clients can also make use of the firm’s accounting, VAT, payroll & advisory support. Having built partnerships with banks such as Emirates NBD, Noor Bank, RAK Bank and Ajman Bank, the firm provides clients with assistance in opening bank accounts. Adding VAT registration and copyright services to its roster, Virtuzone enables clients to protect their brand, software, mobile app and databases among others.

While keeping up a consistent quality of its services, the firm also ensures that the cost of its services
remain at a reasonable level, among others, by absorbing price increases from the authorities. The firm also takes pride in being absolutely transparent; clients know the total cost of setting up their business from the very first day. Keeping client's satisfaction as its primary prerogative, Virtuzone is available to assist clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and even on public holidays.

Culturally Diverse Team
Working towards assisting the UAE Government with FDI initiatives, Virtuzone has forged a partnership with Dubai FDI. The firm also works closely with various government bodies such as Dubai Chamber, to help solve the challenges for startups in the UAE. Keeping in mind the global nature of the Middle East market, Virtuzone has put together a culturally diverse team (employees from over 30 countries) to serve a multitude of languages (30 different languages) and cultures.

The team undergoes training at regular intervals to ensure consistent service quality. Virtuzone also ensures that its team stays on top of VAT processes, which were implemented in the UAE a year ago. “We send our teams to training sessions, government round table discussions and seminars to have the most recent and updated information to pass on to our clients,” says George Hojeige. Having experienced robust historic double-digit compounded annual growth, the firm is now looking to continue its growth momentum in the near future.