Vital Corporate Solutions: A Trusted Partner for Efficient, Affordable & Sustainable Business Setup Services

Amanda Perry, CEO

Amanda Perry, CEO

Recovering from former headwinds, the UAE is experiencing startling growth pertaining to startup incorporation numbers and investment amount supporting these entrepreneurs. Although an open economy with high per capita income and substantial annual trade, it is not simple for entrepreneurs to setup business and operate it seamlessly. Amanda Perry, CEO, Vital Corporate Solutions, explains, “Forming a company in the UAE is time costly and very easily business owners are misguided on the right solution for their operation, only to discover that they are not licensed to operate in the way that supports their business model”. As a result, Amanda ensconced Vital Corporate Solutions in 2010 to address every entrepreneur’s challenges and turn their passion into profits.

Being an independent, unaffiliated firm, Dubai-based Vital offers business consultancy for strategic growth and unparalleled advisory on key areas of company formation and structuring, both in the United Arab Emirates and globally. The company’s unabridged assistance facilitates company formation in
the UAE Freezone, UAE Mainland, UAE Offshore, and worldwide offshore while Vital’s knowledge able staff and PROs assist companies in acquiring license from the Department of Economic Development (DED). Having worked with diverse businesses and investing ample time in market understanding, Vital leverages self-growth while simultaneously assisting clients in leveraging the market space.

"Keeping a tap on the UAE’s changing market enables Vital to stay abreast and support its clients through adjusted offerings and assure long-term partnerships"

The Promise of Profitable Reality
What makes Vital the pioneer in the industry is its client-centric perspective wherein Vital gives the luxury of time back to their clients by eliminating company formation risks, hence enabling their clients to focus on their core work and business operations. For those grappling over the thought of hefty expenses, it simplifies business incorporation by setting-up affordable and sustainable companies that support growth. Vital promises prospects time efficiency and stress-free business solutions that are cost effective and quality-oriented, ergo 90 percent of Vital’s clients renewed their company licenses for the second year of business.

A maestro in company formation services, Amanda elucidates on the UAE’s thriving graph stating, “With nearly 70 licensing jurisdictions in the UAE alone within the Offshore, Freezone and Mainland sector, the options to business owners starting in this country are
overwhelming. Our job is to stay ahead of the curve knowing the landscape and the ever-changing legalities”. With keen listening skills and deep understanding for client’s requisites, Vital constantly connects with clients enquiring about the challenges they face concerning their business and the industry as a whole. Keeping a tab on the UAE’s changing market enables Vital to stay abreast and support its clients through adjusted offerings and assure long-term partnerships.

A Name to Trust Upon
There is no denying that expansion into new market becomes a daunting task, making entrepreneurs anxious and apprehensive. That’s when Vital comes onboard as a trusted partner and demonstrates credibility and expertise to help clients simplify their decision-making process and support their expansion in the region as seamlessly as possible. Amanda affirms, “We have been present in the region and gained vast experience across the industry that has given us a wealth of experience that our clients are able to leverage. Our networks are vast and clients are able to tap into these networks to assist in their transition to the new market”.

Vital’s specialist team is en route channelizing several organizations’ vision with strategic growth plan to lead their footprints towards the shinning Middle East avenues. Deploying such excellence, no wonder the company was titled as ‘Best Business Start Up Solutions Company’ at Global SME Awards!