XPERT Advisory: One Stop Expertise in a Wide Range of Business Domains

Abhijit Shahane,General Manager

Abhijit Shahane

General Manager

Business priorities change according to various factors like economic environments and dimensions and age of the business. A start-up business may concentrate on funding and market entry, whereas a more recognized business will give importance to new market penetration, change management, innovation, corporate governance and so on. This is particularly highlighted in certain geographies that are highly regulated and requires special attention. In such cases, Business Advisory Services play a significant role in helping businesses identify their potentials and surmount limitations in defined areas.

Dubai based Xpert Advisory is a bespoke corporate service advisors and facilitators providing one point contact for all corporate advisory, company formation, Business and Government liaising services. The firm is instrumental in helping corporate and individuals set up a bank account, administrative & PRO services, commodity trading advisory, Payroll, Bookkeeping and facilitation on Audit report preparation for individual private clients and companies.

Why should you considering establishing your business in the UAE?
Establishing a business in the UAE has its own set of requisites and itineraries. More so, entrepreneurs are often puzzled with the ‘how’, ‘when' and ‘where' of the process of setting up a business. Few of the frequently ask questions regarding setting up a business in the UAE include: the benefits, tax policy, free zone establishment or mainland company, business activities are allowed, documents required, structure or form to be chosen, and the right location under the suitable jurisdiction.

The benefits are overwhelming and following are few the most impactful ones:
•Strong and Competitive Economy Backed With Visionary Leadership
•100 percent Foreign Ownership Of The Establishment
•Very Low Import and export customs duty
•Free Trade Agreements of UAE
•State Of The Art Infrastructure, Quality Lifestyle and Culture of Excellence
•Mixed Ethnicity
•Individual security
•Investment Support and Promotion by the Government

•Favourable business regulations
The UAE does not levy income tax on individuals. However, it levies corporate tax on oil companies and foreign banks. Excise tax is levied on specific goods which are typically harmful to human health or the environment. Value Added Tax of 5 percent is levied on a majority of goods and services. In general, the UAE has adopted a GCC common tariff, and customs duties are fixed at 5 percent of the CIF value of most products. However, alcoholic, carbonated, and sweetened beverages products have a 50 percent duty, and e-smoking devices (tools and liquids used in them) and tobacco products are assessed a 100 percent
customs duty.

Manufacturing, Trading and General Trading, Consultancy Media, broadcasting and Publishing, Special activity licenses, Branch of a company, and Holding Company are the activities allowed. Choosing the right business structure purely varies from case to case basis depending on the vantage points. Xpert Advisory's highly trained services advisors, council and cater to every individual and business entity's requirement and provide personalised solutions.

The team of Xpert Advisory is attuned with the changing market conditions and has been facilitating HNI/UHNW Individuals, SME's and multinationals with tailor-made services to cater to all their operational needs. Aligning to real business needs for clients, Xpert Advisory constantly follows up and identifies the actual requirement of the existing problem while also helping identify the need of the potential and prospective client. Commenting on the crux of providing the right solutions, Abhijit Shahane, General Manager, Xpert Advisory says, “We are in a very competitive and volatile market environment with rapid shifts. Understanding and pin pointing the requirement and targeting them is a key for business longevity”.

Having the latest on market knowledge also forms a part of every service Xpert Advisory offers. Being in the sector of business consultancy and corporate advisory service, the firm considers this its key responsibility to have and hold immediate access to information, most particularly because of the dynamic nature of Government policies. On the decision making front, Xpert Advisory firmly believes in considering every option. “Vote, narrow down on choices and focus on them, delegate responsibilities”, adds Abhijit.

The Bridge Between Client & Business
Building upon client centric approach, Abhijit shares his views on why 'trust' is the key to success and growth for all stakeholders in a value chain. He says, "It is important first to have a commitment to pursue a particular set of actions in growing the business, attracting and pleasing customers, competing successfully, conducting operations, and improving the company's market performance. Building a loyal cliental requires to gain clients confidence, to make them believe they are in the right hands and the advise provided is without prejudice. This can only be achieved with dedication, systematic approach, indepth knowledge and patience. This is what we believe and followed as our business model for the last 8 years and providing unparallel level of customer service with the aim to set an even higher benchmark each time. Every client has a different requirement and our purpose is to continuously train our staff to be part of the value chain or situation. Provide understanding of the client's viewpoint of their business function. Take note of every reference point to make strategic decisions and preparing the company for the future course of action. We have always believed in a very holistic approach technique which is something I have learnt over the years. This has actually helped our organisation to a great scale during the ongoing pandemic". To that effect, Xpert Advisory workforce was never downsized in this time of crisis.
At Xpert Advisory, every team member is valued and empowered. The firm regularly encourages every member to be involved, develop ideas, take strategic initiatives, make improvements and display innovativeness. Every staff is a key player, they have a clear understanding of the behavioural pattern of the client, the vendors (which is the government in this case), and acknowledge the strength and weakness. The members can come up with solutions from Xpert Advisory's own available resources.

"With changing market circumstances we need to be abrupt and adapt. Tying rewards & incentives directly to the achievement and contribution and evaluating performance with further motivation creates a healthy work climate", asserts Abhijit.

Three Pillars Of Untapped Growth Opportunities
Xpert Advisory lays its operations on three major entities- Clients, Government and Team Members. The visionary leaders in U.A.E who work ceaselessly and have demonstrated extraordinary governance, propelling business and tourism growth. The recent pact signed between U.A.E and Israel is not only bringing peace and stability in the Middle East but also exponential trade and untapped business opportunities.

The Team Of Xpert Advisory Is Attuned With The Changing Market Conditions And Has Been Facilitating HNI/UHNW Individuals, SME’s And Multinationals With Tailor-Made Services To Cater To All Their Operational Needs

Xpert Advisory's Team members, as evident from above, are the nucleus of the organization and clients are the driving force for the company. Major part of Xpert Advisory's work involves liaising with the government and the client.

Essentially, this is the core model for Xpert Advisory with each service revolving around these factors. In every undertaking, the firm strives to adopt & demonstrate strong and enduring commitment to the client and provide authentic advice in the interest of the client. The approach also includes providing information and advisory service to the client to streamline their business and practice in line with the current law and policies implemented by the government. With these three factors in check Xpert Advisory maintains a vantage point to be prepared for any situation that needs a solution.

However, there are certain challenges that don't pan out along with the preparedness. Bottlenecks like changes in Government & financial Institutions policies and restrictions, change in committed lead-time due to factors encompassing the situation, and managing operating cost. Nevertheless, Xpert Advisory resolves these obstacles with a few measures in place. As mentioned earlier, the firm constantly follows up and identifies the actual requirement of the client and also helps identify the need of potential prospective client. Keeping a close eye on the shifting market trends also comes in handy to stay abreast and make the first move to resolve any unforeseen challenges.

Xpert Advisory also ensures to remain open to ideas from the team members in order to find the best suited solution to a problem. Self Innovation is the most important key here. Xpert is in the process to adapt measurement tools to monitor the employee and management behavioral patterns, understand their potential, develop skills and empower.

Future Roadmap To Expand
In the near future, Xpert Advisory has laid out an elaborate blueprint to further extend its services to a larger market. The firm has strategized several exponential plans to capture market share. Few of them include increasing social media presence, visual and audio media advertisement, sponsorship of small and major events, and competitive pricing with unparallel service. With respect to expanding markets, Xpert Advisory plans to branch out its services, have local presence in key regions which are currently contributing the volume business or have the potential. Since any business always requires innovation, and more adaptability, Xpert Advisory is taking its course to diversification by narrowing down on commodities trading, service oriented business model, consultancy and brokerage of regulated financial products.

For the next 10 years, Xpert is looking into franchising of its business for business development. The firm is working extensively with government authorities and leading corporations while also handling VIP clients. Market response suggests Xpert Advisory has a very positive feedback and loyal patrons since inception. "All these contribute to our endless strife and pleasure in building brand identify and value. Hopefully, we will attract and sell our model of business franchising. This would help us rapidly grow and reach more markets", concludes Abhijit, hopeful and positive.

Corporate Services
Follow up and remind client, ensuring renewal are initiated on time. 3 months, 2months and 1 month prior .
•Drafting documents for renewals or amendments in legal structure.
•Liaising with the client till requirements are received
•Arranging for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Dubai attestation
•Liaising and following up with the Mainland and Free Zone Governing Authorities
•Collection of Trade License /Lease agreement/ MOA from governing authorities
•Arranging office insurance
•Establishment Card Renewals
•Bookkeeping and Accounting Services
•Arranging Annual Audit reports for Trade License Renewal
•Reporting and Filing VAT return from Federal Tax Authority
•Assisting in reporting ESR Economic Substance Regulations to the Ministry of Finance
•Assisting in reporting UBO Ultimate Beneficiary to the Mainland and Free zone Authorities

Comprehensive take on the Offerings & Services
Business Corporate Setup
•Indentifying and preparing an in-depth high level detailed report on choosing the right Economic Jurisdiction to setup the company based on the nature of business, connectivity, legal structure, legal restrictions, feasibility, positioning close to the existing and prospective client and nearness to supply chain.
•Drafting applications and MOA/ legal Documents in line with the government perquisite requirements
•Liaising with all Government channels and client
•Arranging document submission and collection for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Dubai Attestation
•Raising the application with Mainland and Free Zone Governing Authorities
•Liaising and following up with the Legal Governing Authorities
•Collection of Trade License /Lease agreement/MOA from governing authorities
•Extending assistance in setting up of corporate bank account with banking institutions that can accommodate tailored made portfolios and be flexible on perquisites for new account setup in short time line.

Visa Service
•Collection of documents from Clients office for Processing
•Drafting the application to be in line with the outlined requirement of Ministry of Labour, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Human Resource and Emiratisation, Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, Ministry of Health and Prevention.
•Ensuring timely submission of the application
•Collecting documents from Company office to submit for change of status
•Processing change of status
•Liaising and following up with the Authorities
•If new to country, meeting the employee at the Medical Centre
•Collection of the passport from the Free zone and mainland governing authorities after the residence stamping
•Collection of EID for and delivering to client’s office
•University Degree MOFA attestation where application includes collection from the office, attestation and submission

Below are some of the recent ones:
1.Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority (DAFZA) TOP OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE 2020
2.Gulf capital SME Awards for “Best Entrepreneur of the Year 2020”- Finalist
3.Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority (DAFZA) TOP OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE 2019
4.Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority (DAFZA) TOP OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE 2018
5.Dubai Multi Commodity Center (DMCC) TOP PERFORMING CONSULTANT 2018
6.DWC Top Performing Consultant 2018