Estater Changing the Face of Prop Tech in Bahrain & Kuwait

Sanjay Goyal, Founder & CEOThe Bahraini regulator sandbox that was launched in 2017 opened up revolutionary opportunities for the startup clan, not just within the MENA region but from entrepreneurs all over the world. With the country emerging as a leading player in the Fintech space and a hub for investors to pitch in for the development of the ecosystem, Bahrain has become an exemplar futuristic fintech and startup platform. Moreover, the welcoming of the AWS(Amazon Web Services)into the region in September this year, witnessed the coming together of several entrepreneurial tycoons, one of which was Estater. A unique company with a huge database for analysis and market research with GIS and proactive in procuring updates via varied techniques of surveys related to all sectors of realestate in Kuwait & Bahrain. The company became the first such entry in the country as the regional hub for an Indian origin Prop Tech company.

Despite recognizing the need for a much more developed ecosystem in this segment, Sanjay Goyal, Founder & CEO, Estater states, “We are delighted to select Bahrain as the
hub for our regional operations”. He further went on to add that the place is a very favourable business environment for international investors coupled with good regional connectivity making an ideal choice. “Real estate value chain in the region is up for several exciting changes and we promise that Estater will be one of the change agents,” he cited. More over, acknowledging the challenge to be the creation of data, the company viewed this as positive aspect for being the first to create a benchmark as an example for emerging entrepreneurs in the industry. Estater further raised a million dollar funding with partners in India and Kuwait for anchoring its B2B deals, further anticipating the launching of its B2C projects within coming months in the Kingdom of Bahrain and Kuwait.

Real estate value chain in the region is up for several exciting changes and we promise that estater will be one of the change agents

With the government recognizing the crucial need for geotagging, geo mapping for the data conservation and continuity, Estater has received a more mainstream way of carrying out its operations. Infact the company has developed a base for repository information related to individual and commercial properties in Bahrain, Kuwait, Riyadh, Sharjah and Dubai, that aims at providing information based on the development of locations, types of properties, development of new cities, price change patterns, floorbased information and much more, relevant to the geo special world that is otherwise not available elsewhere. Owing to its extensive regional database, the company boasts a 20 percent market share in Kuwait and Bahrain, in addition to its flagship operations in India and aims at focusing on the strengthening and fortifying of its repute in the segment in these regions. “Also, Bahrain is a perfect launch pad for our future operations in Saudi Arabia,”Sanjay concludes.