Role of Self-Identification in Stress Management

Dr. Kasturi Naik (Assistant Professor) and Dr. Srini R. Srinivasan (Associate Professor), Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management StudiesThe major reason why people are stressed-out is because we don’t understand why we exist? If we are clear about our personal self-identification by means of individual value identification, major amount of our stress will be relieved, as we will be able to focus on our personal objective being clear about the same in sense of both ends and means to achieve the ends. Self-identification enables us to be grounded so that we are not on cloud nine by any body’s praise or dejected by any body’s insult.


Understanding self-identity is essential for self-enrichment. Human being is a social entity and social identity and individual identity are interdependent. Arrogance leads an individual to forget his/her self-identity. In the process of finding self, many a times we forget to live, we forget our health, we forget our family. Our entire day, week, month, year, life ends with focus on needs of the future, but in this process we forget to enjoy the present. If we have focused dedication, consistency and understand that our future is created by what we do today not tomorrow then challenges will surely be converted to opportunities.

The one who has understood the meaning of self in self-identity will always be respectful to self, other individuals and the society which he live in, leading to spread of peace, harmony and unity. If there is peace, harmony and unity in the surrounding then SELF will also experience peace, harmony and unity. It’s essential to understand that we took birth to fulfill our duties and to be happy and make others happy in the process of fulfilling our duties. It’s a natural, self-regulatory, automatic system setup by creator that runs the world like growing plants, different seasons, positions of sun, moon and others. The aim of understanding Self-identity is to initiate exploring the codes that make us who we are and which we use to express identity. Components of self-identity include Relationships, Ethnic identity, Personality, Body image, Career, Political views, Religious beliefs, value system, peer effect and many more.

Personal SWOT analysis is one of the techniques, which enable an individual to explore the self-identity and learn more about self. Strengths refer to internal positive aspect that are under an individual’s control and upon which one can capitalize. Weakness or areas of improvement refers to internal negative aspects that are under individual’s control and one will plan to improve. Opportunities refer to positive external conditions that are not completely under control but of which one can plan to take advantage. Threats refer to negative external conditions that are not completely under control but the effect of which one will be able to lessen. Analyze the gap between your current situation and what you want to realize with by means of personal SWOT analysis in harmony with Self-identity (Be the CEO of your life, Hubert Rampersad).

Emotional Intelligence a Tool for Self-identity

Emotional intelligence makes an individual aware of his/her emotions and enables an individual to be in charge of his/her emotions. Understanding & practicing emotional intelligence gives us a roadmap to lead successful personal & professional life by realization of self-identity of how emotions have impact on productivity of the individual leading to self-regulation of the emotions in a constructive manner. Emotions like being happy, sad, depressed, excited, anxious are all temporary and essential aspect of U.S. as they make U.S. ‘HUMAN BEINGS’. Our exterior physiology is totally dictated by our interior emotional states. So allowing guilt-free outlet for emotions is a requisite for both our mental & physical health, for example: in the state of anger or frustration instead of being quiet or screaming on our friends, family or colleagues, we can hear music on full speed and scream in an enclosed room, leading to a guilt-free outlet for emotions without hurting self or others.
Passion & Conscientiousness

Self-identity enables an individual to choose a career path after understanding his/her own competencies & passion for a particular domain (research is essential whether there is market for your passion or else you have to generate your own market) without any self-doubt. For example, I choose my career path in education domain as I was always passionate about learning and felt a sense of satisfaction when I shared with others what I learnt. Initially in my career days, I opted for a corporate job and performed extremely well but didn’t felt the sense of achievement, which I feel now after shifting to my passion – updating my self with knowledge and sharing the same with others. It gives me an immense sense of achievement and not a single day feels as if I am at work. That’s the magic if you allow yourself discover your passion and pursue the same.

Research also states that if you are passionate about what you do, you will surely excel in both your personal & professional life. My passion of learning enabled me to complete my Ph.D in stress management without any stress. In due course of Ph.D, I could also complete my certifications in NLP, Emotional Intelligence and Mind Mapping. This enabled me to evolve as a better individual in both personal & professional life.

EQ gives an individual an exploration into self-identity which acts as an instrument to free individual from the unproductive emotions in a constructive guilt-free manner. This allows an individual to invest time in understanding his or his passion which further provides compass for conscientiousness.

Once the individual clearly understands who they are, what their genius and unique talents are, what they stand for, what are their long-term intentions are and what type of relationship they would like to have with others by means of value identification comprising of image values, personal growth values and financial values, it will be much easier for the individual to channel their energy in the right direction to achieve a dream which is worthy the effort (Rampersad, 2016).

The three values can be defined as follows for the purpose of this article:

Image Values: These values include self-reliance, peace, adventure, compassion and others, which focus on individual’s mental & physical health and relationship with others essential for one’s positive authentic image inside-out.

Personal Growth Values: These values include knowledge, learning, skill development, personality development essential for one’s growth as an individual and also to enhance image values.

Financial Values: These values include security, stability, and prosperity of an individual in financial terms and related to image and personal growth values.

Once an individual is aware of his/her value identification with respect to image inside-out, personal growth and financial growth of the individual will be clarity in self-identity. The individual will be able to practice efficiently self-management, social awareness and relationship management leading to increased productivity at both personal & professional front. This will also enable the individuals to be capable enough to befriend stress and convert stress into their strength not weakness.

Be a Solution, not a Problem

It is essential to have POSITIVE outlook and be a solution for yourself and all around you. Negative outlook always leads us to be either a problem for self or others. Clarity with value identification and self-identity enables an individual to be a Solution in a given situation and not a problem in following ways:

Be in Charge of Your Life

It is very important to take responsibility and accountability of your life instead of being dependent on others for your happiness & sadness. The universe is within YOU. Be in charge of your inner self & external actions. This will enable you to be a Solution for self and others always.
Be a person who understands, acknowledges and brings-out the positive attributes of others. It is our basic human instinct to influence each other. We are continuously establishing rapport with each other. So if you look for positive attributes in others, others will respond in the same manner at least 70 percent of the times. This will also lead you towards being a solution.

Be a Decision Maker

The individuals who are good in giving apt solutions have one quality in common, they are confident about their decision making abilities. They see every situation as an opportunity and seek to develop alternate solutions leading to encapturing the opportunity.

Be a Trendsetter by Learning to Forgive & Forget
When we have negative emotions about any situation, person or object indirectly our thoughts and physical self both is de-energized as we lose control over our thoughts and physical self. Our thoughts and physical self are full of hatred leading to problems both in our well-being and our relationships. So Forgive & Forget is best Mantra to Walk the Talk.

Be a Person with a Profound Basic Value System

There are three types of values a person should be clear about - image values, personal growth values and financial values. If the clarity is there with respect to these values then the person will be able to streamline his efforts in life for achievement of mental & physical health, give priorities to his key relationships, be career-oriented and also be financially independent. This will enable the individual to lead a productive well-balanced life both personally & professionally.