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  • 10 Most Promising Middle East Financial Consultants - 2019

    A recent global report enunciates that even after robust push for advancement of financial inclusion globally, nearly 1.7 billion of the world’s global working population still lacks access to formal financial services and hosting 50 percent of this population is the MEASA region. Triggered by this slow improvement in its financial sector, the Middle East countries is facilitating digitally enabled development and carving a lucrative leeway for enhanced and improved financial services. In a nutshell, there is s dire need of financial consultants and advisors who demonstrates excellent skills, knowledge, experience and excellence in this segment. Over the years, earning substantial riches has become a less wearying endeavour than wealth management. Although an investor plans...

10 Most Promising Middle East Financial Consultants - 2019

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
AES International AES International Sam Instone, Director Helps clients to make more informed and effective decisions with respect to their financial planning
ASAP Wealth ASAP Wealth Tanweer Contractor, Head - Wealth Management As Financial Advisors, the company strives to understand each client's investment goals, risk profiles, and other finance related issues to provide the best possible financial advice utilising its knowledge of tax laws, insurance, and investments to recommend investment options to clients
Checkout.com Checkout.com Guillaume Pousaz, CEO Launched in 2012, Checkout.com is a leading international provider of online payment solutions wherein its solutions are built on 100 percent proprietary technology, providing complete transparency across the entire payment value chain
DeVere Acuma DeVere Acuma Nigel Green, Founder & CEO Part of one of the world’s leading independent financial advisory organisations, provides trusted, independent financial advice to expatriates and international investors based in the Middle East
DWF DWF Umera Ali, Partner & Head - Banking & Finance (ME) Assist clients in delivering complex financing transactions to meet their funding requirements on a commercially pragmatic and cost-effective basis.
Holborn Assets Holborn Assets Robert Parker, CEO A leading financial advisory group in the UAE that associates with the industry’s prime institutions, bringing together the investment expertise of a select group of international money management firms
Kelmer Group Kelmer Group Roberto Granello, Owner KMFK is a Kelmer Group company incorporated to drive the needs of Private Equity funds, Venture Capital funds, Investment Club, Investment Company, family offices, and all companies whom aim to undertake the Internationalization process
KWS Middle East KWS Middle East Aqsa Abdullah, CEO Specialized in business setup & PRO services, the company offers innovative business solutions for value-oriented, profitable growth prospects in a cost & time effective manner
Mondial (Dubai) LLC Mondial (Dubai) LLC Sean Kelleher, CEO One of the oldest and most well established financial planning and wealth management organisations in the UAE. Licensing under the SCA allows Mondial to carry out the function of banking, finance, investment and wealth management consultations