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  • Corporate Leaders in GCC - 2023

    GCC Special Financial consultants in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) play a pivotal role in navigating the complex economic landscape of the region. These professionals provide indispensable advice to businesses and individuals, aiding them in making informed financial decisions. The GCC, comprising six member states, boasts a diverse and dynamic economy driven by sectors like oil and gas, finance, and real estate. Financial consultants in the GCC leverage their expertise to optimize investment portfolios, manage risks, and enhance financial performance. Given the region's susceptibility to economic fluctuations, these consultants act as strategic partners, helping clients adapt to changing market conditions. In recent years, the demand for financial consultancy services in...

Corporate Leaders in GCC - 2023


Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Commitbiz Management Commitbiz Management Manu Thomas V, General Manager A business consulting firm with years of experience and a deep understanding of the region's regulatory landscape, offering expert guidance and comprehensive solutions tailored to client specific needs"
Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Alwasiq Financial Consultants Alwasiq Financial Consultants Alina Khan, Managing Partner A unique business entity offering innovative management solutions, based on extensive industry experiences that are uniquely customized, practical and comprehensive in nature
Cedar Management Consulting International Cedar Management Consulting International Chetan Parekh, Managing Partner A global strategy consulting, research, and analytics firm with a 35-year track record, having assisted clients in areas of strategy, process innovation, strategic human capital, and business technology
Idarah Corporate Idarah Corporate Sepide Foroutan, CEO An independent corporate services provider with a focus on providing a full suite of corporate services to large and medium sized corporations
Keypoint Keypoint Wajdi Al-Jallad, Managing Director A professional business services provider, delivering statutory and corporate advice, accounting, investment administration, tax and VAT consulting
MBG Corporate Services UAE MBG Corporate Services UAE Mahmood Badri, CEO An independent and international organisation with a specialisation in crafting sustainable solutions and strategies that drive business transformation globally
MMJS Consulting MMJS Consulting Surandar Jesrani, CEO & Managing Partner A sought-after firm offering services ranging from direct and indirect tax, corporate finance, and accounting advisory, with the focus of work being in providing exceptional consulting services and related technology solutions to clients
NRI Money Clinic NRI Money Clinic Dr. Chandrakantha Bhat & Tejas Bhat, Founders An aggregator firm with an extensive team of associates from various specialties is bringing the community of NRIS with service providers in various facets of financial problem solving"
Prosperity Services Prosperity Services Mohamed Irshad, Founder-Director A financial distribution services boutique catering expats in the Middle East and UAE by offering excellent return investment plans, also helps the clients possessing insights and action plans
The Corporate Group The Corporate Group Ayman Al Awadhi, Group Managing Director The firm has been rooted in growth integrity, innovation, and empowerment, specializing in providing business services throughout the GCC region