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  • 10 Most Promising Cybersecurity Solutions Providers - 2019

    The cyberattacks and threats have been on a constant rise in the Middle East during the recent times. According to DarkMatter, a cybersecurity firm in the UAE, the Middle East region and UAE has witnessed a growing number of cyberattacks from last October to March, 2019. What was more shocking is that most of these attacks were targeted on the oil & gas, telecommunication, government, and other critical infrastructure sectors. In fact, the oil & gas industry was the prime target despite holding highest importance in the overall economy of Middle East and UAE. Clearly, data breaches & leaks, malwares, cyberattacks, and ransomwares have become so common in these regions, despite the various measures taken towards eliminating them. Given the scenario of everlasting...

10 Most Promising Cybersecurity Solutions Providers - 2019

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Akamai Technologies Akamai Technologies Dr. Tom Leighton, Co-Founder & CEO One of the world's leading Security solutions firm specializing in DDoS Protection, Web Application Firewall, Bot Management, Identity Management, Malware Prevention and other areas
CodeGreen Systems CodeGreen Systems Anoop Ammunni, Director - Presales & Consulting A provider of a wide range of Cybersecurity & Enterprise Security solutions that include Managed Security Services, Penetration Testing, Enterprise Secure Wifi Infrastructure, Sphere Phishing Campaigns, Cyber Threat Hunting, Advanced Cyber Security Integration, and Security Orchestration
EasySec Solutions EasySec Solutions David Bellaiche, Co-Founder & CEO, Avraham Darmon, Co-Founder & CTO Offers simple, transparent and centralized cybersecurity platforms agnostic to clients’ IoT devices by adapting to the highest security standards & compliances in the IT realm
Intertec Systems Intertec Systems Khalid Essa Buhumaid, Chairman & Founder An ISO:9001, ISO:20000 and ISO:27001 certified company specializing in Managed Services, Digital Transformation, Business Applications, IT Infrastructure and Security areas
Modern Software Modern Software Mohammed Habeebuddin, Managing Director Specializing in the areas of ERP Implementation, Software Development, IT Consultancy & BPR, Systems Administration, Cybersecurity, and Process Automation
Nanjgel Solutions Nanjgel Solutions Jude Pereira, Managing Director Offering a suite of end-to-end security solutions & services in Data & Application Security, Network Security, Infrastructure Security, Security Operation & Response, and Policy & Compliance Management areas
Paramount Paramount Premchand Kurup, CEO One of the leading cybersecurity solutions provider in Middle-East, offering an array of solutions in the areas of Identity Security, Cloud & Application Security, Data Security, Security & Risk Management, and many others
Vul9 Security Solutions Vul9 Security Solutions Mohamed Amine Belarbi, Co Founder & CEO A cybersecurity boutique firm specialising in offering Networks and System Safety, Payment Security, Infrastructure Defense and Data Protection across the diverse industries
Z Services Z Services Firas Ghanem, VP - Business Strategy A full-service cyber security provider in the EMEA region majorly offering solutions to cloud infrastructure such as Secure web gateway cloud, SMB Web Security Cloud- Merale, Secure Email gateway cloud, Cloud access Security broker cloud, Advanced email anti-spam cloud and KIDZONET