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  • 10 Most Promising Middle East Financial Consultants - 2021

    Middle East is one of the world's fastest growing markets in the banking & capital markets sector. Financial services are inevitable for any country's development. An efficient and well regulated financial sector stimulates savings, improves capital allocation, and proves vital to helping produce and sustain high levels of economic growth. Even though it cannot save a country from instability, it helps to set the stage for sustained expansion. Financial inclusion is a key ingredient to reducing poverty and distributing economic growth. A strong finance system could support people through crisis and necessity. They add to the economic growth by helping people through financing business and industries, which will enhance the growth of employment, economic activity and...

10 Most Promising Middle East Financial Consultants - 2021


Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Crown Capital Consultancy Crown Capital Consultancy Ritesh Gosalia,Founder Financial advisory firm that supports business entrepreneurs in terms of financial advisory and investments into properties & also involved in helping entrepreneurs in the company formation process in the Middleeast
Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
AES International AES International Sam Instone, Director Offers excellent wealth consulting, management consulting, and financial planning services
ASAP Wealth ASAP Wealth Tanweer Contractor, Head - Wealth Management Provider of excellent wealth management solutions and renowned for high-quality market intelligence
Checkout.com Checkout.com Guillaume Pousaz, Founder A renowned provider of tax laws, insurance, and investments consulting with services for other finance related issues
DeVere Acuma DeVere Acuma Nigel Green, Founder & CEO Offers excellent financial consulting services such as Life Assurance, Education Plans, International Pension Planning, Affiliated Services and Tax Planning
Greenback Capital Greenback Capital Amardeep Sharma, SEO, Board Member Financial advisory and investment banking firm that offers the complete spectrum financial services right from External Asset Management, managing long-term equity funds, private equity funds to capital raising, investment banking, and corporate finance management under one roof
Holborn Assets Holborn Assets Bob Parker, CEO A provider of topnotch consulting for Independent Financial Services, Financial Solutions, Wealth Management, Employee Benefits, Protection & Insurance, Pensions, Offshore Services, Tax Planning and more
Kelmer Group Kelmer Group Roberto Granello, Chairman & Co-Founder Imparting world-class Financial consulting and services for Tax & Legal, Internationalization & Marketing, Accounting & Bookkeeping, PRO Services, Real Estate and Administration areas
Mercer Mercer Abdelqader Al Araj, Director Offering topnotch consulting for Investments, Health & Benefits, Human Capital, Communication, Mergers & Acquisitions and more
My Financial Plan My Financial Plan Arvind Krishnan, Founder & CEO Helps individuals reach their financial goals by providing tools and information to educate them on the workings of life insurance and other financial products in the market