EasySec Solutions: Infusing the Best of Cybersecurity across IoT-Based Systems

David Bellaiche, Co-Founder & CEO,Avraham Darmon, Co-Founder & CTO

David Bellaiche, Co-Founder & CEO

Avraham Darmon, Co-Founder & CTO

In the recent times, the cybercrime landscape has been witnessing a great deal of transformation due to the proliferation in Internet of Things (IoT) devices, which are projected to reach 20 billion by 2021. On the other hand, the rapid industrialization and weaponization of cyberattacks are clearly portraying cybersecurity as the dire need of the hour for not just the businesses, but the entire ecosystem. Comprehending these aspects, Jerusalem-based EasySec Solutions offers unparalleled cybersecurity solutions to its clients by successfully adapting the highest security standards & compliances of the IT realm to the IoT devices. Through these solutions, EasySec enables the clients to seamlessly benefit from the IoT opportunities while protecting their closed connected devices (cameras/robots) from any sort of cybercriminal attacks. David Bellaiche, Co-Founder & CEO, EasySec Solutions, articulates, “Our transparent platform secures the existing systems of our clients without disturbing the ongoing operations and the user habits”.

Unique Facets

EasySec Solutions ensures to provide cybersecurity platforms that are agnostic to the type of device under protection. Besides, these platforms are developed as simple security models with user-defined tags that describe the access policy of each device. Thus, by keeping the client’s specific business logic at the kernel, EasySec makes
security accessible to every business. Also, the firm offers communication protection through a distributed key system management that takes care of all sorts of threats ranging from eavesdropping to tampering the systems. Since IoT devices require better assistance in monitoring and event alerts, EasySec provides a dashboard that is capable of monitoring and generating timely alerts with maximum visibility and control. Moreover, the firm’s deterministic model eliminates any sort of ‘Cry Wolf’ syndrome, thus escalating the efficiency of the cyber teams involved. Avraham Darmon, Co-Founder & CTO, EasySec Solutions, adds, “We leave no stone unturned to make our clients feel comfortable and under control with their connected device deployments, besides providing an external hardware that proxy each device”.

We leave no stone unturned to make our clients feel comfortable and under control with their connected device deployments, besides providing an external hardware that proxy each device

Challenges in bringing this sort of cybersecurity originate right from the point that you cannot install third-party security software, as these systems operate in a closed manner. Distinctly, the firm pledges to build comprehensive security platforms without API integration for its clients – IoT manufacturers whose chief goals are to maintain the price and time-to-market constraints. This way, these manufacturers can produce secure devices that are compliant to the highest security standards. Moreover, by leveraging the ‘Least Privilege’ principle, EasySec provides granular access control to its clients in order to allow the logical isolation of each single device, thus enabling them to have an accurate control on their sharing policy.

Way Ahead

EasySec Solutions outshines as the brainchild of David and Avraham, the cybersecurity mavens, each holding 25+ years of experience from companies such as Cisco, NDS, and Check Point. Besides catering to a production line at one of the sites of Nimrod Group (An Airbus supplier) and partnering with AWS platform, the firm is currently in discussion with a large U.S. electronic manufacturing service as well as an European bank group to protect ATMs from remote attacks. It has also associated with Hikvision to enable its customers to benefit from ‘EasySec Inside’. For the future, EasySec plans on building better solutions by constantly attending to its customers. Its R&D department is all geared-up to enhance new platform partnerships, reach more customers and also seek for investments to increase sales via MSSP partnerships.