Greenback Capital: Opening the Doorway to Balanced & Holistic Investments & Fund Management

Amardeep Sharma, SEO, Board Member

Amardeep Sharma

SEO, Board Member

Are you looking to invest somewhere or seeking investments for your company? Are you in search of a high quality fund advisory that is both unbiased and transparent in nature? If yes, then Dubai based Greenback Capital has the solution to all such problems. Greenback Capital is a culmination of industry best experts having more than 25-30 years of individual experience when it comes to dealing with investments and funds.Amardeep Sharma conceptualized the company along with his founding members based on the serious lack of transparency in the financial advisory domain. And, unlike other financial advisory companies, which are either External Asset Managers or purely Investment Banking companies, Greenback Capital, on the other hand, offers the whole gamut of services under one umbrella.

It's not just in External Asset Management, where Greenback experts have deep expertise. Beyond that, when it comes to fund management, Greenback takes through its multifund strategy, take care of clients requirements. Long term equity funds, Media & Entertainment Fund, Private equity funds, Fixed Income Fund, Real estate Fund, and Speciation Situation Fund, are few of the avenues where client can invest to have optimum reward. Green back Capital has been breaking into the market in a big way, having very prominent clients, and exclusive investment avenues.

That's not all. Greenback Capital offers a wide variety of alternate investments solutions, where in clients can invest in various assets class across the globe.Greenback offers its clients unparallel flexi bility when it comes to choosing the right investments. All this has been made possible because of the excellent networks and relation ships the group of experts at Greenback has built over the course of decades.

Ensuring Profitability with a Pragmatic Approach
Whether the market is acting 'bullish'or'bearish,'Greenback experts are always there to guide its clients towards balanced investments through a pragmatic approach. "We do not consider any emotions involved in the equity segment, it completely depends on the market dynamics," mentions Amardeep. Be it high net worth individuals or corporate enterprises and startups, Greenback has grown along with its clients, and in the last four years, the firm has been growing at a CAGR rate of 50 percent. "We are doubling our size and that's only possible because of our advises, the opportunities we provide, and the transparency we maintain with our clients," says Amardeep.

“Whether the market is acting ‘bullish' or‘bearish', Greenback experts are always there to guide its clients towards balanced investments through a pragmatic approach

In the past four years of its journey, Greenback has worked with innumerable funds in the Indian market, and the firm is handling around half a billion dollars worth of funds in the global market. The experts at Greenback specialize in bringing in humble investments, funds that guarantee a return whenever the clients want it. Greenback Capital take pride in its team, which comprises of very Senior Bankers such as Charudutt Joshi (wealth Management), Senior Fund Managers such as Habeeb Ahmed (wealth management)and Nilmani Gautam (Real Estate), Senior Fund Management Experts such as Srishti Dixit, and Senior Investment Bankers such as Ramen Ray. Its strong team is the pillars of the organization.

Interestingly, it's not only Greenback investments that are balanced in nature. The firm is also balanced when it comes to gender representation within the workforce. The workforce is dominated by women warriors as well. “We don't have a company of employers and employees; we have a team of entrepreneurs working together for the same goal. That's our DNA which makes us even stronger and unique” reveals Amardeep.

Bootstrapped to Grow More
For the next two year horizon, Greenback Capital is looking forward to deepening its presence in the global arena by having setups in London and Singapore. In the recent interaction with the Editorial Team, Amardeep Sharma also disclosed his intention to add up on the existing verticals, wherein they will be working with new funds. This includes buying funds from various geographies. Along with the vertical integrations, Greenback is also working to strengthen its backward integrations, and in the long run, it would be venturing into the public IPO domain.

“The only asset for a financial company is people. For us it's all about growing together with people” concludes Amardeep.