NRI Money Clinic: Redefining Financial Advisory Excellence in the GCC

Dr. Chandrakantha Bhat & Tejas Bhat,  FoundersThe financial advisors in the GCC region are currently undergoing rapid transformation, with the region expected to continue experiencing robust growth. With projected wealth management in the GCC region to be around $3 trillion, the sector will be heavily dominated by the increased use of platforms and mobile apps. However, along with these drivers come compliance challenges due to the heavily regulated financial sector in the region. Financial advisory firms find this particularly dangerous. In parallel, NRI Money Clinic, an aggregator firm with an extensive team of associates from various specialties is bringing the community of NRIS with service providers in various facets of financial problem solving.

With an extensive team of experts in various fields like financial planning, investment advisors, Chartered accountants, legal experts, inheritance planning, estate planning, inter-domicile movement consultants, and more. NRI Money Clinic through its Youtube channel takes on the role of producing informative videos on various topics of financial concern to the NRI community. NRI Money Clinic Youtube channel today has a subscriber base of very close to two lakhs and records over 50,000 views daily.

NRI Money Clinic's online presence and its office in India uniquely position it to provide solutions in business risk management, legacy issues, and estate planning. The company tailors its services for high-net-worth individuals, CFOs, heads of institutions, and startup company owners, bridging the gap between on-ground practitioners and the NRI community.

The core strength of NRI Money Clinic lies in its comprehensive understanding of life within and outside India, offering a broad
spectrum of services required for the NRI community. The company's team of experts engages with clients from more than 60 different countries across the globe.

Dr. Chandrakantha Bhat, Founder of NRI Money Clinic, emphasizes the channel's significant impact, stating, "With over 50,000 views per day and a subscriber base nearing the two-lakh mark, our Youtube channel is the go-to resource for the NRI community seeking financial services in India and other countries like UAE, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, KSA, and more".

At the heart of NRI Money Clinic are its two Founders, Dr. Chandrakantha Bhat and his son Tejas Bhat, who together represent expertise in the field. Dr.Bhat, a veterinarian by profession to start with, transitioned into finance with the qualifications to succeed in the field, including an insurance license from ICICI Prudential Life Insurance, an AMFI Certificate for Mutual Fund Distribution. He is a Life Underwriters Training Council Fellow from American College, and holds an Award and certificate from Chartered Insurance Institute of London. He has also done certificate courses from IIM Indore.

Tejas Bhat, Founder

His son Tejas Bhat brings a fresh perspective on financial services with a Master's in Business Engineering from SRH Heidelberg, Germany. “Our team is an accomplished group of professionals, each boasting at least a decade of experience in their careers. Our associates bring a wealth of experience from the mutual fund industry, insurance industry, chartered accountancy, property specialties and law firms”, says Tejas Bhat. The company continues to expand its workforce across international borders.

NRI Money Clinic offers a range of financial services focused on realizing clients' life goals, including Wealth Creation, Education Planning, Retirement Planning, Life Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance, and Regular Income & Cash flow planning. What sets the firm apart is its active engagement with clients through fact-find sessions, constant reviews of solutions, and regular interactions to create happy life experiences. “The clientele of NRI Money Clinic across the globe today see us as an ethical team of experts ever ready to help them”, says Dr. Chandrakanth Bhat, the Founder.

NRI Money Clinic continuously expands its network of professionals across countries, diversify its service offerings, and, most importantly, tailors the services to meet the distinct needs of its valued clients. Rather than manufacturing standardized solutions, the firm listens attentively to its clients. Once the need is identified, the company diligently scouts for the right service providers and experts to deliver on those needs.