Ports Shipping: Offering a Diversified Portfolio of Logistics Services under One Umbrella

Prashant Pawar,CEO
With the rapid pace of urbanisation, the logistics sector needs a new set of innovative methodologies to streamline the effectiveness of the receiving, storage, and customs clearance. The businesses are in dire need of one-stop-logistics provider which can address all these aspects and enable businesses to evade the need for third-party suppliers. Filling this gap, Ports Shipping offers a diversified portfolio of innovative logistics services, which enables its clients to expand their reach & target markets, timely & secure delivery of goods, and reduce costs & inefficiencies associated with outsourcing the processes to different service providers.

Its integrated suite of services includes Air Cargo & Freight Forwarding, Sea Freight & Cargo Shipping, Logistics & Warehousing, Supply Chain Management(3PL & 4PL), Customs Clearing Brokerage, General Land Transport, Helicopter Shifting, House Hold Relocation,and more. Ports Shipping also handles temperature-controlled cargos containing perishables &
healthcare products. Moreover, besides handling the supply chain for order processing management, the company also handles diplomatic and humanitarian aid cargos. As a cherry on top, this ISO certified company with extensive international presence and vast knowledge & expertise of all the borders provides world-class international freight services to UAE, GCC, Europe & U.S.

"Besides handling the supply chain for order processing management, Ports Shipping also handles diplomatic and humanitarian aid cargos"

Streamlining Border Transportation
Specializing in land transportation, Ports Shipping operates over 200 trucks per month consisting of refer, dry, & big bus movements from Dubai to Jordan, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and vice-versa, which enables it to deliver the shipment within 48 hours at customer’s door. The company that believes that ‘if you are able to walk in the particular area, you should be able to transport truck through that area’ cracks every daunting road that others wouldn’t venture near. It’s this optimistic approach that enables it to operate in conflict areas like Afghanistan.

Expanding Wings
Established in 2012, Ports Shipping is a reputable Logistics & Supply Chain Company today having recently grossed an award of the Best Freight of the Year
2018. However, the company still upholds its startup spirit, which sets it apart from the herd. “When you’re young, you’re hungry to achieve more. You invest in the market, ready to handle the most difficult job & support your client 24x7 and impress them by giving innovative ideas & new options,”says Prashant Pawar, CEO, Ports Shipping. Prashant has been in this business of over 19 years and has worked for UN in Afghanistan, Iraq, & Africa. His qualified licensed customs clearance staff provide clients with a complete range of customs clearance services which include DDP, CIF, FOB, EXW, and C&F shipments.

He recalls when Ports Shipping was transporting a Dubai humanitarian aid cargo of UAE to Jordan that swiftly passed each border, thanks to the clear paperwork done in advance. All its trucks are tracked with GPS, and the status and the images of trucks before loading & after loading are sent to both to the customer and the end user. Aiming to enhance its services, the company with the help of technology is aiming to give a real-time interface to its customers of their goods and be among the best five companies in its space. Having already conquered UAE through its branches in Abu Dubai, Dubai, Jebel free zone,& Sharjah, Ports Shipping is launching its branches in Singapore, China, Europe, & India by 2020 to expand its presence worldwide.