Potensia Systems: Monitoring & Protecting Enterprises against Cyber Crime

Mohamed Saieed & Reem Shehada,Co-FoundersToday’s digital enterprise has a new nemesis; cybercrime. As the usage of Internet increases, the threat of a faceless cybercriminal attacking the enterprise through malicious software, fraud and identity theft has been on a constant rise. Consequently, protection and maintenance of data along with safeguarding the integrity of computing assets has become imperative. With sensitive business data at stake, companies today require a cybersecurity expert that is experienced, resilient and possesses a keen eye for impending attacks. Potensia Systems, a Dubai-based systems integrator, has developed proven expertise in keeping potential cyber threats, viruses and malware at bay.

With expertise that spans the entire ICT and security spectrum, the firm has mastered the cybersecurity market since its inception in 2016. With a deep understanding of the challenges and requirements of clients, Potensia designs customized service for them. With a growing clientele in Dubai, the young organization assists government departments, banks &and multinational companies, and has worked with names such as Ministry of Defence, Higher College of Technology, Dubai Police, Dubai Airport, KFC, Majed Alfutiem, ABB, Yas Mall, Novo Nordisk, Roche, Mars and Hilti, and overseas project with Kempinski in Dominica, amongst others.

Going Beyond Limited Confines of Security

A digital business demands new models of operation and customer interaction, which in-turn requires new ways of protecting critical assets. Spanning from IT, manufacturing systems, corporate systems and data related products, Potensia renders end-to-end
advisory, defence, and safety monitoring services. Ensuring safety of systems from potential threats, the firm specializes in antivirus & malware solutions, firewall solutions, and data centre security, along with a plethora of technology solutions and services. Going beyond limited cybersecurity service options, the firm’s roster of services include Kaspersky Antivirus, eset nod32, Symantec and Trend Micro antivirus to firewalls such as SonicWall, Cyberaom and WatchGuard.

Having forged lasting partnerships with service providers such as Alert Logic, Symantec, PALO ALTO and Proof Point, Potensia has strengthened its arsenal of services. The dynamic firm also maintains an unflinching, unyielding and uncompromising degree of integrity and transparency with its clients and partners. Rendering its services in all fairness and honesty, Potensia truly believes that trust makes room for more milestones to be achieved.

Our team protects and monitors client’s systems and is capable of promptly detecting any problems while also reacting well in advance of the cyber-attacks

Team of Cybersecurity Experts

Armed with a team of experts, Potensia maintains awareness of the status of the highly dynamic operating environments. Staying constantly vigilant, the team collects, processes, analyses and disseminates cyber threat/warning assessments. “Our team protects and monitors client’s systems and is capable of promptly detecting any problems, while also reacting well in advance of the cyber-attacks,” says Reem Shehada and Mohamed Saieed, Co-Founders, Potensia Systems.

Carving a niche for itself, Potensia has designed solutions that are tailored to meet the needs of its clients for the purpose of optimization via streamlining operational and business efficiencies. The end-to-end solutions are highly effective, owing to the team’s extensive technical experience and sound knowledge of the industry. The talented team also keeps-up with the ever evolving tides of the dynamic industry. Adept at critical thinking and objectively analyzing an issue, the team renders solutions after understanding the ‘why’ and not just the ‘how’.

The dynamic organization that has experienced YoY growth at 27 percent is gearing-up to keep-up with the impending progress of cybersecurity services. A 2018 report concluded that even though 97 percent of security professionals agreed that a cyber-attack caused by an insecure device could be catastrophic for their company, only 15 percent had an inventory of the IoT devices connected to their systems, and fewer than half had a security protocol that would allow them to disconnect devices seen as high-risk. Potensia is focused on helping enterprises pro-actively and effectively counter this vulnerability.