Careery: Delivering Talent Services through a Passion & Strength- based Culture

Moahmed El-Waziry,Founder & CEO

Moahmed El-Waziry

Founder & CEO

Enclosed in a global environment of talent war resulting due to shortage of skilled resources, today companies are constantly increasing focus on effective recruitment. Hiring the right talent is never a cinch as it shows the ability of an organization to find, attract and ultimately recruit the skilled talent in meeting their growth objectives. Not having enough time to invest in filtering the talent, these organization turn towards recruiting companies. Ideally fitting into this role, Egypt-based Careery has successfully served countless B2B & B2C clients like Roche, Schneider, As four Crystal, UTI, Al Nahdi, and talents from Amazon, Deloitte, PwC, PepsiCo, H.B. Fuller & much more. “The unique thing about Careery is that they act as True Business Partners. They exactly understand your needs and supply you with calibers that meet your requirement in a professional way,” declares a client.

Careery is crowned as the first company in the Egypt and GCC region to introduce modern recruitment consulting and talent branding for executives, leaders
&entrepreneurs. It also develops high ROI CV for candidates to empower them to get good returns and enjoy a sustainable decent life, apart from providing modern recruitment consulting & employer branding.

Careery is crowned as the first company in the Egypt and GCC region to introduce modern recruitment consulting and talent branding for executives, leaders & entrepreneurs

Reinventing the Wheel
Since its inception in 2011, the firm has changed gears to shift its focus from just being a recruitment operations and consulting firm to head hunting & executive search (in 2013) and now developed a new strategy to include a new concept in its services called ‘Recruitment Innovation Services’ like employer branding and social recruiting. With extensive focus on managerial level hiring, Careery also has expertise in hiring junior and mid-level positions. It adopts a 360 reference check of the candidates along with three critical dimensions of culture fit, technical fit and managerial fit to ensure the perfect match between the client and their candidate. “We have developed a super accurate system for selecting candidates, specially the cultural assessment, and not just technical aspect,” says Moahmed El-Waziry, Founder & CEO, Careery.

As a tech-savvy company, most of Careery’s work overseas are done
remotely, which ensure utmost perfection without any delay. “I believe we are the only company in Egypt to enter 2017 LinkedIn professional recruiters club to be authorized by LinkedIn as a very professional and advanced user of the platform. We have even started to train recruiters on it,” adds Moahmed. Entitled in the talent-based industry, the firm is keen to reinvent the recruitment industry in Egypt and Middle East regions. To make it happen, Careery has invested dedicated budget for learning and development with global entities and certified coaches such as LinkedIn, Gallup and many others.

The Way Ahead
Firmly believing in the super power of innate talents, strengths & passion, regardless of their qualification, education, age and background, the firm proudly hires candidates counting on these values through a passion & strength based hiring model. “The positive work environment adapted at Careery has helped us to create a positive and strength based culture where people can unlock their untapped potential,” reveals Mohamed Shoukry, Head of Talent Acquisition, Careery.

The company invests a considerable amount of its budget in R&D to keep itself abreast with the latest industry developments. With deep passion and purpose to help candidates, Careery is now gearing up for end-to-end innovative career services to empower the talents in the middle east. Witnessing a 14 percent growth in the first quarter of this year, Careery intends to become the online hub of complete Talent services in the Egypt and GCC by 2025.