Al Rawabit: Augmenting an Organisation's Human Capital by Picking the Best Blend of Personality & Expertise

Ian Faulkner,Vice President

Ian Faulkner

Vice President

Getting the right mix of people working for an organisation reinforces a far greater chance of success than anything else. However, there are countless things to consider before hiring a candidate which can either result in engaging the best people or result in disaster with questions like: Will they fit in? What experience do they have? What kind of personality they have? Are they qualified? Mining for personality and other human factors, Al Rawabit picks the best fit for organisations for a full spectrum of businesses such as skilled and semi-skilled fields, Science, IT, Healthcare, Operations, Logistics, Military, and especially Oil & Gas. This Abu Dhabi based company recruits for senior level positions at consultancy and advisory level and offers permanent staffing, contract staffing, visa/payroll staffing along with recruitment solutions.

Aiming at becoming a trustworthy and responsible source to both client and candidates, the core value of Al Rawabit remains to

We not only evaluate the candidates by our unique process but also evaluate how they will fit into the organisation

provide a professional and expert service in an ethical, transparent and accountable manner. The process begins with obtaining the specific requirements of the client and understanding the type of person they need. After this, candidates who fit the opportunity are selected and initial discussions are held. Once the right set of candidates are shortlisted, the company utilises professional interviewing techniques to understand not only the candidates’ experience but also their motivations behind a move and screens them using testing programs (skills or personality). “We are a solution driven organisation and implement innovative ideas in our business conduct. We not only evaluate the candidates by our unique process but also evaluate how they will fit into the organisation,” says Ian Faulkner, Vice President & Co-Founder, Al Rawabit.The company believes in carrying out transparent communications which forms the fundamental base of its services.

A Family Oriented Company
As a part of its quality recruitment process, the company enables the
individual as well as their family who are uprooted to a new environment to envision their new life. A family centric organisation, Al Rawabit believes in providing a fully supported relocation service to maximise the probability of a successful placement. Its fully trained consultants welcome the opportunity to discuss any potential move with the whole family, not just the candidate.

Al Rawabit walks the extra mile to offer services to clients and candidates as well as compliance with UAE law and works alongside clients to provide the very best guidance. The company uses a CRM tool to coordinate their database and to search for the right candidates for the right jobs. Full background checks for candidates are done from both personal and professional references that are always obtained. “Trust is everything in UAE. Based on the trust, we ensure confidentiality by getting candidates to agree to full disclosure,” asserts Ian.

Established in 2012, Al Rawabit is one of the few companies in the UAE to be awarded an official recruitment Trade License. With fabulous growth in the last year, the company aims to become the first globally recognised UAE-based international workforce solution provider and offer high-quality, ethnical and transparent workforce solutions to enable clients to fully maximise their human capital.