Project Pro: One-Stop-Solution Company for Client's Requirement

Itamar Ben Shushan,Managing Director

Itamar Ben Shushan

Managing Director

The construction and infrastructure sector is on a rise in Israel where local companies, foreign companies and joint ventures coexist at the same time. The major problems for these construction companies are imposition of excessive rules and regulations, bureaucratization, shortage of man power and sluggish planning institutions. In this light, Project Pro was established as the only company that provides a full time liaison manager onsite to ensure all tasks are completed to its client’s satisfaction. A one-stop recruitment company that can supply skilled employees for any position (field, headquarters and senior positions) under any project specializes in providing a comprehensive, fast and quality solution for all recruitment needs. Today Project Pro is among the most experienced and competent recruitment firms in the construction, infrastructure and energy sectors in Israel that provides tailored staffing solutions within a very short timeframe.

The Indispensable Service
Covering a wide array of staffing solutions including legal services, book keeping, payroll, safety services, and accounting support within quick time period, Project Pro is the one-stop-go-getter recruitment firm when it comes to
recruitment for constructions of harbors, power stations, roads, underground trains, light trains and more. It is an expert in hiring skilled workforce for administration (HR, Administrators, Managers, & Finance department), skilled professionals (Forklift operator, Signalman, Welders & Crane operators), project management (Project managers & Engineers), energy specialists (control room operators, electricity inspectors & turbine mechanics), and safety professionals (HSE, Height instructors & Safety planners). Having its site manager present on all the projects who is the go-to-person for its partners to rely on for all their needs, Project Pro also sends project managers into the field to accompany employees & customers, and provide real time solutions for any problem.

Project Pro is among the most experienced and competent recruitment firms in the construction, infrastructure and energy sectors in Israel that provides tailored staffing solutions

Being an expert in the construction world recruitment process, Project Pro opts for pin-point head hunting where not more than 2-3 candidates per open position are selected, leading to appointment of only the selective, best and top quality candidates. Each candidate undergoes a series of comprehensive, job specific, in-depth interviews along with computerized personality tests before appointment. This ensures
learned and hard working employees in the company.

Serving an industry that is growing profoundly along with associated risks, Project Pro has created a dedicated safety department to ensure safety &protection of the employees and provide insurance services. Employees go through rigorous safety training and are also provided with relevant safety equipments before being deployed at the construction sites apart from the vocational training courses as per the need of the project.

The Business impact
This ISO 9001: 2015 certified company with its dedication and commitment to high quality services, has become an authorized supplier to the Israeli Ministry of Defense and is involved in security projects and tenders as well. Operating across Israel, Project Pro has successfully worked with international companies from all over the world like Solel Boneh (Israel), Electra (Israel), PMEC (China), SMET (Belgium), TSK (Spanish), GE, and CRTG (China).

The foundation of the company’s success is the extensive training provided to every recruiter in the field of construction, infrastructure and recruitment. Project Pro’ers undergo professional enrichment courses that include locating candidates on social networks, advertising jobs, managing recruitment processes and more. This empowers them to pick the best from the hoard of candidates available internationally and has enabled the company to grow steadily and strongly, witnessing a 50 percent growth in its revenue stream in the last two years. Project Pro is now venturing into specialized safety solutions and is looking to enter food technology as well.